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About the 280 Group

The 280 Group is a strategic consulting partner to any business that needs a proven methodology to optimize Product Management and Product Marketing functions in their company.  Unlike other Product Management training or consulting companies, our unmatched expertise and experience transforms organizations and optimizes business results.  We have an unparalleled team of Product Management and Product Marketing thought leaders who work as your long-term strategic partner to strengthen your organization and your skills.

The 280 Group transforms organizations and individuals to perform highly effective Product Management based on our innovative and easily adopted Optimal Product Management framework.

What We Do

The 280 Group helps individuals, teams and entire organizations optimize and apply Product Management and Product Marketing best practices to deliver products that delight their customers and massively increase profits.

For individuals the 280 Group has a complete program for every stage of your career, whether you are just entering the field or are a senior-level Product Manager or Product Marketer. Combining training, certifications, books, templates and coaching, we can build a custom plan that helps you accelerate your career and get on the fast track!

For teams and organizations, the 280 Group can deliver point solutions such as training or templates, or can build a complete, comprehensive and customized solution to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Product Management.

What We Offer

Our Optimal Product Process is a fully customizable and flexible framework that can be used with all types of development methodologies to deliver products that are market-focused and have the highest possible chance of success.

Our Product Management Assessment and planning service can help your team or organization dramatically improve the effectiveness of your Product Management so that it becomes a more strategic driver of your business.

Our training courses provide the full foundation of all Product Management skills, as well as advanced topics such as leadership. And our worldwide-standard certifications provide a way to prove mastery of Product Management, Product Marketing and Agile.

Our best-selling 280 Group Press series of books (over 100,000 copies sold) give practical hands-on advice that can be applied immediately.

Our toolkits and Product Management Office allow you to be productive, efficient and effective and deliver great results in record time.

Whether you need an interim Product Manager, Product Marketer or executive or you want to increase your own or your team’s effectiveness, the 280 Group has a comprehensive solution that can help you achieve results.

About the 280 Group name

Some of the world’s greatest companies have come to life along the Highway 280 Corridor in Silicon Valley. We help these companies and others worldwide to define, launch and market breakthrough new products. We decided to use the name 280 Group because the Highway 280 Corridor and surrounding areas are such a unique and meaningful part of Silicon Valley and the technology industry. From Sand Hill Road to Woodside to the Stanford campus, down south to Cupertino and San Jose, there is nowhere else in the world like the Highway 280 area for innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.