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Clients, Testimonials, and Work Samples

Here’s a Partial List of our Clients

Testimonials On Behalf of the 280 Group

Despite rapidly changing circumstances as well as little background in our industry, the 280 Group was able to quickly learn about our business and begin adding value.

We have been very pleased with the work the 280 Group has delivered for us and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

The 280 Group did an excellent job of conveying the product positioning and details …and was able to distill the essence of our products into an easy to understand and compelling message.

The 280 Group delivers excellent business and technical skills… I would highly recommend them for other consulting projects that involve strategic planning and/or product marketing and product management.

The 280 Group’s work for us was superb – they were able to instantly dive into the details of our product offering and make a significant impact on the launch and on our company’s overall success.

The 280 Group’s performance on these projects was exceptional… deliverables were high-quality, on schedule, and within budget… very efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

The 280 Group made a huge impact on our product management and marketing efforts… we were very impressed by the quality, professionalism and timeliness of their work.

The 280 Group did a fantastic job of helping us to finalize the product and bring it to market.

The 280 Group’s contributions were very helpful in ramping up our marketing efforts and helping us move forward in the absence of our own dedicated resources.

We chose the 280 Group because we needed to launch a product very quickly. They had an experienced team of people that immediately got to work.

Ram Krishnan, Sr. VP Marketing, Guardian Edge

Rob Zajac, General Manager, Duel Systems, Inc.

Examples of Past 280 Group Work

Here are a few samples of our product management and product marketing work. For confidentiality reasons several of the documents contain only the table of contents, and many of our more recent documents are not posted here.

We’d be happy to show you additional examples and full documents in person, and to give you a free proposal and quote if you are interested in hiring a consultant or contractor to do the work for you.

Work Samples

  • Market Requirements Document (MRD) for Software as Service. Covers the target market, customer needs, competitive environment, required features and schedule, SWOT analysis, and features to be considered for future versions of the product.
  • OpenShare Evaluator’s Guide for InfoSquare. Written to help customers evaluate the product rapidly and shorten the sales cycle, as well as for educating sales and channel partners. Includes a product overview, list of factors to consider when evaluating products in this category, a guided step-by-step tour of the products and frequently asked questions.
  • Business Case Analysis for Netcom. An analysis of whether to launch a proposed new email service, including proposed messaging (features and benefits, positioning), sizing and growth rates of potential target market segments, P and L and financial analysis, recommendation for proceeding and timeline for implementation.
  • Planet Intra Reviewer’s Guide. A reviewer’s guide that was written to help press, analysts and customers quickly understand the advantages of the product over other solutions. Includes an overview of the company and market, what to consider when reviewing solutions in this category, a guided tour walkthrough of the product, and frequently asked questions.
  • Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) for Collabria. Includes market and customer definition, proposed product positioning, key required functionality in next release and channel and sales requirements.
  • FusionDesign Business Plan. Includes vision, mission, company strategy, competitive environment, marketing and sales plans, staffing and personnel plans, financial projections and recommended next steps.
  • Competitive Comparison and Competitive Analysis.  A simple one-page document that was created to be used on the company’s website and as a sales tool to be handed out to customers that were familiar with the other alternatives. It is a quick competitive analysis and overview that shows why the client’s solution is superior.
  • Customer Education Piece. A short paper designed to educate small businesses and other potential customers about the benefits of an intranet. The client found that many of their potential target customers did not understand what an intranet offered them, and their sales force spent a long time educating them. This paper reduced the amount of time sales people needed to spend talking with the customer and gave them a great reason to follow up after sending it to them.
  • Sales Quick Reference “Cheat” Sheet. A simple one-page document designed to arm the sales force with all of the critical information they need to get started selling the product quickly. It also is used to ensure the message and positioning of the product was consistent across all of the groups in the company.
  • Secuware Security White Paper. A white paper describing 360-degree data protection for the enterprise.