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January 2017

Product Management for Dummies Book Released

The 280 Group and Wiley Publishing released the new Product Management for Dummies book, the definitive guide to Product Management.

April 2014

First Leadership for Product Managers Training Course

Debut of our newest advanced course which will help transform you into a highly effective and dynamic Product Management leader in your company.

January 2014

Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM™) Self-Study Course Released

Earn a Product Marketing Certification to demonstrate a thorough understanding of theoretical and practical Product Marketing concepts.

February 2012

Ryma FeaturePlan™ to support the 280 Group Optimal Product Process™

Ryma and the 280 Group have announced that FeaturePlan will support the 280 Group Optimal Product Process.

June 2011

Product Management Contest Announced

The 280 Group has announced a Product Management Tip of the Day contest.

November 2010

42 Rules of Product Management Book Released

The 280 Group releases another book in the 280 Group Press series.

August 2010

Product Roadmap Toolkit v2.0 Released

The 280 Group releases an updated version of the toolkit.

Product Management Office v3.0 Released

The 280 Group releases an updated version of the office.

March 2010

Agile Excellence for Product Managers book released

The 280 Group releases a new book by Greg Cohen to help Product Managers.

September 2009

New Industry-Standard AIPMM Agile Product Management Certification Released with Support from Training Organizations Around the World

The 280 Group joins companies supporting Agile Product Management Certification standard.

Agile Certified Product Manager Self-Study Course Released

The 280 Group offers ACPM® Self-Study Course, allowing students to study and take the exam from anywhere in the world at their own computer.

Phenomenal Product Manager Book Released

New Product Management book is a guide to Product Manager success.

September 2008

280 Group Product Management Certification Self-Study Course Now Available

Prepare for and take the AIPMM CPM and CPMM exams from anywhere in the world.

November 2007

New Book: Expert Product Management Now Available

Advanced Techniques, Tips & Strategies for Product Management & Product Marketing.

September 2007

280 Group Product Management & Product Marketing Office™ now shipping

Includes templates, samples and on-demand training presentations.

July 2007

The 280 Group Releases Product Review Program Toolkit™

The 280 Group has released the Product Review Program Toolkit, which includes templates, samples, guidelines, a white paper and narrated training presentation.

April 2007

The 280 Group Featured on CNBC’s World Business Review

Includes former Secretary of State Alexander Haig interviewing Brian Lawley, as well as clips of 280 Group customers.

March 2007

The 280 Group Releases Product Launch Toolkit™

The 280 Group has released the Product Launch Toolkit, which includes product launch plan templates, samples, guidelines, white papers and narrated presentations.

August 2006

Brian Lawley to Speak at Silicon Valley Product Management Association

Brian Lawley, CEO of the 280 Group will be speaking at the September SVPMA event. See the SVPMA website for more details.

June 2006

The 280 Group Ships Product Roadmap Toolkit™

Includes an online seminar, 75 roadmap templates and white papers.

The 280 Group Ships Developer Program Toolkit™

Includes narrated seminar, white papers, templates and samples.

February 2006

The 280 Group sponsors AIPMM Product Management Education conference

Brian Lawley, President of the 280 Group will be speaking at the conference, which will be held April 19-21 in Indian Wells, CA.

The 280 Group Ships Beta Program Toolkit™.

Designed for Product Managers, QA managers and engineering organizations that want to deliver more reliable and well-tested products, the Beta Program Toolkit provides a complete solution with everything they need. Included is a 37-slide narrated online seminar, 17 templates for use in running beta programs and a white paper outlining best practices. The templates that are included are: Critical Decisions Checklist, Deliverables Checklist, Beta Program Plan Template, Beta Customer Database (Excel and FileMaker formats), Bug & Feature Database (Excel and FileMaker formats), Beta Program Sample NDA, Customer Beta Agreement, Beta Program Timeline, Text for Communicating with Participants, Bug Submission Form, Exit Survey, Beta Program FAQ and a Beta Program Final Report Template.

September 2005

Brian Lawley Elected President of SVPMA (Silicon Valley Product Management Association)

After serving on the Board of Directors for the past year, Brian Lawley, President of the 280 Group, has now been elected President of SVPMA. During his involvement with SVPMA, the membership has doubled, and many prominent speakers have been brought in for the monthly events. Brian’s responsibilities as president will be to continue to increase membership and visibility for the organization.

May 2005

Brian Lawley speaking at AIPMM conference

Brian Lawley, President of the 280 Group, will be speaking at the AIPMM (Association of Product Management and Marketing) conference in May in Burlingame, CA. Topics will includes How to Run a Successful Beta Program and How to Get Phenomenal Product Reviews.

The 280 Group Releases Google Adwords Strategies & Tips Booklet

Includes tips and ideas to minimize costs and maximize click throughs. Also includes an AdWords ROI calculator.

April 2005

The 280 Group Releases Google AdWords Strategies & Tips

New booklet includes tips, strategies and techniques for running effective AdWords campaigns, as well as an AdWords Return On Investment (ROI) calculator.

August, 2004

Brian Lawley to speak at Northern California Business Marketing Association Roundtable

Brian Lawley, president of the 280 Group, will be speaking at the Northern California Business Marketing Association’s Product Marketing Roundtable on Tuesday, September 21st at Scott’s in Palo Alto. The topic will be “How To Get Phenomenal Product Reviews”.

June, 2004

The 280 Group Included in Seth Godin’s 2004 Bull Market Directory

The 280 Group LLC is excited to be included in the 2004 Bull Market Directory, a free ebook by Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book NY Times bestseller Purple Cow. The 2004 Bull Market Directory is a resource for connecting organizations with some of the world’s most creative thinkers and companies such as the 280 Group that can help to define, launch and market breakthrough new “Purple Cow” products. The Bull Market Directory is available for FREE as a download on the 280 Group Website.

March, 2004

Brian Lawley to Speak at AIPMM conference

Brian Lawley, President of the 280 Group, will speaking at the upcoming AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing & Management) conference on March 22nd and 23rd in San Francisco. His session will cover “How To Get Phenomenal Product Reviews,” and will include tips, tricks and techniques that he learned over the years for influencing reviewers. For more information go to AIPMM.

October, 2003

The 280 Group Referral Program Launched

The 280 Group has launched its referral program. To earn a referral bonus, simply contact the 280 Group if you know of a company that needs our services. You’ll earn 10% of the gross proceeds from the contract – up to $10,000! For more details contact us.

The 280 Group Launches Silicon Valley Marketing Resources Directory

The 280 Group has officially launched the Silicon Valley Marketing Resources Directory, a list of independent marketing consultants, contractors and other resources that help companies in Silicon Valley and the San Jose area.

280 Group Team Member Will Iverson to Speak at O’Reilly & Apachecon Conferences and JAVA SIG

Will Iverson will be speaking at three events in the upcoming months.

September, 2003

Three Industry Veterans Join the 280 Group Team: Will Iverson, Aaron Hyde and Sharon Grimshaw

We are happy to announce that Will Iverson, Aaron Hyde and Sharon Grimshaw are now part of the 280 Group team. Will Iverson brings years of Product Management experience working on highly technical products, as well as world-class writing skills to our team. Aaron Hyde is a seasoned veteran in the consulting business, specializing in evangelism, strategic and tactical product management, product marketing, developer programs, and business development. Sharon Grimshaw brings over 15 years in high-tech Product Marketing and Product Management experience to the team, as well as world-class coaching skills.

Silicon Valley veteran Brian Lawley Launches 280 Group LLC to Take Advantage of Recovering Valley Economy

Key executives join team – company to help define, launch and market breakthrough products.