Meet Our Team

With over 200 years of combined experience, our certified consultants and trainers know what it’s like in the Product Management trenches. They know how to teach the theory and apply it to real world circumstances.

Decades of Real-World Experience

Our consultants and trainers have been there. They apply their experience from these companies to help you solve your toughest problems.

WIDE-RANGING Areas of Expertise

Our team members are known experts in their field across a wide range of industries.
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Rina Alexin


David Nash

Vice President of Products and Services

Mira Wooten

Vice President of Sales

Roger Snyder

Vice President of Marketing

Cynthia Petti

Vice President of Operations

Brian Lawley


Jake Yingling

Director of Client Services

Tom Evans

Principal Consultant and Trainer

Colleen O’Rourke

Principal Consultant and Trainer

Bill Haines

Principal Consultant and Trainer

Ken Feehan

Principal Consultant and Trainer

Rick Bess

Principal Consultant and Trainer

Ken Kranseler

Principal Consultant and Trainer

Robyn Brooks

Senior Product Manager

Tyler Johnson

Sales Director

Nicole Tieche

Solutions Specialist

Helen Ewing

Sales Development Representative

Nadia Grutas

Client Success Specialist

Eden Potratz

Business Operations Specialist

Nicole Solis

Content Marketing Manager

Shailla Chand

Senior Marketing Manager

Ian Bloembergen

Community Engagement Specialist