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Private Training FAQ

Take your team to the next level

For onsite training, we can deliver our standard courses or we can completely customize the materials to meet your needs and match your process, terminology, examples and most critical internal challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions about our private training options.

Can you deliver training onsite for us at our offices?

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Yes! We offer several on-site training options that are 100% customizable to your specific needs.  Please contact sales by calling during business hours or using the form below for further details.

How do you determine my organization’s exact needs?

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The 280 Group solution looks at the product management function from a holistic perspective, allowing us to make an impact on the entire organization with regard to people, process and tools. Our Client Success Team works closely with you and your stakeholders to analyze your needs and objectives, then provide recommendations for implementing a successful solution which can include our complete range of products and services.

Is my organization large enough for corporate solutions?

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The 280 Group prefers a smaller class size with an average of 12-15 participants. Classes can be held with a minimum of 5 participants, and a maximum of 20. Larger groups can be split into multiple sessions.

Are there corporate or group rates?

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The 280 Group can provide discounted group rates for both public and private training. Please contact sales by calling during business hours or using the form below.

Can I enroll multiple people in different countries into the same program?

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Yes. We can train your group all in one single meeting point or in multiple locations.

Can you deliver training in multiple locations around the world?

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Yes. We deliver our training on every continent throughout the world.

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