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Frequently Asked Questions about our Toolkits

How can I purchase the Toolkits?

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You may purchase the Toolkits with VISA, Mastercard, or American Express via our secure merchant interface by clicking on the “Add to cart” button on any of the toolkit pages.

Is the toolkit a single-user license, and may I distribute it to others?

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All of the toolkits are covered by a single-user license (the same as software applications). This allows you to use the toolkits for your own work and to distribute your own modified versions of the documents. You may not distribute the toolkits or files contained within them to others for their use — they must-purchase their own copy.

Multi-user and site licenses are available.  Please contact Sales for further details.

Are there multi-user licenses and volume discounts available for the toolkits?

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Yes, multi-user licenses and volume discounts are available for all of the toolkits when you purchase five or more copies. To find out pricing for your situation, please contact our sales group and let us know how many copies you would like to purchase, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

Can I make modifications to the toolkit files, such as adding my company logo?

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You may remove the 280 Group logo and put your own team/product/company logo in place of it. However, the 280 Group and other copyright information may not be removed.

I bought the Windows version – can I get a copy to use on a Mac?

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You can copy the entire folder for the product from your desktop onto a USB drive and then from the USB drive to your Mac.

I bought the Mac version – can I get a copy to use on Windows?

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You can copy the entire folder for the product from your desktop onto a USB drive and then from the USB drive to your Windows PC.

I purchased the product but haven’t received my download link.

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Immediately after your payment is verified/accepted in the purchase process you should be taken to a page with a link to download your product. Additionally, you received an email receipt for your purchase and a second email with a link to download the product(s).

If you haven’t received the email with a download link please do the following:

  1. Make sure you are checking the email account that you provided when you purchased the product.
  2. Check your junk mail/spam folder for the download link email.
  3. If you still can’t find the download email, send your purchase receipt number, name and date of purchase (from your purchase receipt) using the form at the bottom of this page. We will then send you another email with the download link.

I can’t find the product after downloading

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Our installers create a folder on your desktop with the product in it. If you do not have a folder on your desktop then check your downloads folder, find the installer and run it again. If you can’t find the installer then use the email you received with download instructions to re-download the installer and run it again.

I’ve lost or deleted my copy of the product I purchased

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If you have lost or deleted your copy of the product you purchased please locate the download email sent to you immediately after your purchase to re-download and install the product. If you cannot locate the download email, locate your original email receipt and send the order number, your name and email address using the form at the bottom of this page. We will send you a link to download another copy.

Do I get a free upgrades for products?

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Yes, all products come with unlimited lifetime upgrades for the original purchaser. If a new version with useful additional features and functionality becomes available we will email you with a link to download the new version.

How do I contact customer/technical support?

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Support is provided M-F from 9am to 5pm PST via email using the form at the bottom of this page.

Do you offer phone support?

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Sorry, no phone support is provided.

I can’t get the narrated presentation to play on my computer.

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There are several things that might cause this to happen:

  • You may not have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer (or may have an older version).
  • Internet Explorer may be giving you a message that looks like this, indicating that “To help protect your security Internet Explorer has restricted this web page from running…”. If this occurs click on the message and choose “Allow Blocked Content”.
  • You are not launching the file from the “Start Here” page.

What is the 280 Group’s refund policy for downloadable products?

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We provide downloadable evaluation versions, screen shots and other information so that you know what to expect when you purchase our products. Please make sure that you thoroughly review these before deciding to make a purchase. We provide refunds for the toolkits and the Product Management Office. If you have made a purchasing error or are not satisfied we offer a 10 day money back guarantee.

Are the toolkits Mac compatible or available to view with an iPad or Android device?

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The toolkits have presentations in PDF format and include templates in Microsoft Office format. These may be used on any device that supports these formats.

Can I move the toolkits or Product Management Office folders to somewhere other than my desktop?

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You can move the folder for any of these products from the desktop to anywhere on your hard drive. IMPORTANT: Make sure you copy the ENTIRE folder to the new location.
If you are having problems with your purchase and cannot find the answer above, please fill out this form so that we may help remedy the situation as soon as possible.

280 Group Customer and Technical Support is offered via e-mail by filling out the form below.

Please note that our hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time Zone).

Sorry, but we do not offer telephone support unless first contacted via e-mail.