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Consultant Applications

Looking to pick up some consulting or contracting project work?

  • Interested in becoming one of our trainers?
  • Already have some clients or projects, but want to fill in the gaps?
  • Interested in getting started as a professional contractor or consultant?

Then read on.

How it works

We’re constantly out networking and looking for new business. Over the past 20 years in Silicon Valley we’ve built a network of hundreds of Marketing and Product Management professionals, and we keep in contact with them regularly. Oftentimes we’ll have someone call us who needs consulting or contracting help but we are already fully booked. Or we’ll have clients who need a specific skill set or area of expertise that isn’t a good match for us. When this happens, we place subcontractors to do the work. When you are subcontracted with 280 Group, we introduce you to the client to see if there is a fit, set up the contract, do all of the invoicing, send payments to you once we have been paid, get involved and oversee the project if necessary, and generally make sure that the client is happy with the work performed. As a finder’s fee and payment for doing all of this we charge the client a percentage over and above the fee that you are getting.

As a 280 Group subcontractor we ask that you

  • Do not solicit the client for business for at least one year after the initial introduction
  • Do not discuss your fees or rates with the client

Our goal is to keep you consistently busy working for great clients. That way you can focus on doing what you like — Product Management and Marketing — rather than business development and finding your own clients.

What we’re looking for

When we choose our subcontractors we focus on quality, not quantity. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with a handful of the best people in the business who are committed to consulting and contracting as a way to make a living. We aren’t interested in job hoppers or people who have declared themselves consultants because they can’t find any other work. Rather than building a huge database full of thousands of consultants and contractors and contacting them occasionally when a potential contract comes up, our focus is on building a small number of relationships with people that we can keep busy with constant work.

To do subcontracting work for us you must

  • Be an independent contractor (have your own equipment, place to work, multiple clients, etc.)
  • Be set up as a valid, legitimate business (have a business license, pay quarterly taxes, etc.)
  • Have a list of satisfied clients you have worked with in the past (though we may consider a few select people who are new to the business)
  • Be committed to seeing projects through, and understand that if you cancel a contract you may incur a liability
  • Understand and be comfortable with the fact that this is a subcontracting relationship — you won’t be an employee of 280 Group, and won’t receive benefits, a regular paycheck or any of the other things that an employer would provide

How to apply

If you meet the criteria and are interested in doing subcontracting work for us, please provide us with full details about yourself by filling out this form and answering ALL of the questions (PLEASE, NO PHONE CALLS). After we receive your information we’ll review it and then contact you. If we have subcontracting work available for you and it looks like you would be a good addition to our team, the next steps are then to:

  • Find a client and assignment that fit with the information you provided in the form
  • Have you sign a simple subcontracting agreement
  • Check your references
  • Get a copy of your business license and tax ID for our files
  • Sound good? Fill out the form.


Things are very busy right now, so we may not be able to contact you.