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Lean Product Management by Greg Cohen Book

Lean Product Management by Greg Cohen

To download Lean Product Management fill out the form below and a download link will be emailed to you.

The book is a call to action to the Product Management community to embrace the need for continuous improvement in the Product Management process. It is also designed to challenge your thinking.

Approach the ideas in this book with the open mind of a child and then again with the skepticism of an elder. Be vocal. Let us know what resonates with your experience, what we left out, and what would not work in your environment.

If you have any problems you can contact the 280 Group.

We hope that the book and our other resources help you to bring some great products to market!
The 280 Group Team

We are offering a new private Lean Workshop that you may be interested in.

Lean Product Management Workshop

The Optimal Path from Insight to Value

This private workshop provides attendees:

  • Seven guiding principles with a framework, methods, and techniques that enable teams to develop a Lean mindset.
  • A way of thinking that can be applied to any product management challenge across your organization.
  • A foundation that will allow your team to continuously grow and improve their practices by incorporating and developing additional methods.
  • Hands-on experience using the methods and techniques with their own product opportunities, so all learning is in context.
  • Post workshop coaching to ensure the successful application of Lean practices.

Contact us to learn more about holding our Lean Workshop for your team.