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Accelerate your career with personalized action plans

Our Product Management coaching program will help you be more effective in current and future roles. Learn how to lead teams more effectively, produce higher-quality deliverables and master the basics of Product Management and Product Marketing.

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  • Product Management Coaching Program

    Product Management Coaching Program

    Expert Product Management coaching to help you succeed

    280 group coaching and mentoring
    Not sure why you aren’t making headway at your company? Not sure of your skills? Are people not really getting your point of view? Need someone to help increase your Product Management effectiveness? We can help. If you are a Product Manager, the most impactful decision you can make is to find a coach or a mentor. Unfortunately, many managers don’t have the time or the ability to mentor their employees. But you can hire a professional coach to help you succeed.

    The 280 Group Product Management Coaching Program can help make you the best Product Manager in your company. To help you succeed, we pair you with an experienced Product Manager who undertakes an assessment of your current skill levels, and then works through each area of expertise in order of their importance and value to your personal growth. Our coaching clients see dramatic results in their productivity, skills and ability to work more successfully within their organizations. In fact, the median ROI for coaching is 700%*.

    Coaching sessions will help you learn how to lead teams more effectively, produce higher-quality deliverables and master the basics of Product Management and/or Product Marketing.

    Product Management coaching and mentoring can be done for a variety of areas

    • Increasing the employee’s presence and leadership skills
    • Working more effectively with teams
    • Organizational and prioritizing skills
    • Working with the press and analysts
    • Increasing the effectiveness of communications
    • Maximizing the impact of Product Management and Product Marketing in the organization
    • Creating a highly effective career plan and building your personal brand
    • Staying on-track with your plan to maximize results
    • Working more effectively with difficult stakeholders (engineering, sales, executives)
    • Becoming the ideal employee for your boss so that they reward you
    • Filling in the gap for any critical skills that you need to succeed
    • Being a more effective leader and a great communicator
    280 Group Product Management Coaching Framework

    280 Group Product Management Coaching Framework

    Our Product Management Coaching Program includes an initial skills and career assessment, a co-created plan of action for what you want to focus on and check-in calls to provide you with specific actions and strategies for success.

    *2009 International Coach Federation Client Study

  • Product Management Success Program

    Product Management Success Program

    Get the support, tools and training you need to achieve Product Management success

    Struggling with your Product Management career? You are not alone. Most Product Managers find themselves learning on the job, using old templates and tools, and struggling to get their point across quickly and effectively in their organizations. Don’t let that happen to you. The 280 Group Product Management Success Program is designed to help you get to Product Management greatness, fast. It will help you in a number of ways:

    • Dramatically accelerate your career
    • Make you more effective and productive
    • Help you earn the respect of your team and peers
    • Significantly increase your job satisfaction

    The Product Management Success Packages

    We’ve selected a powerful mix of 280 Group products to give you the biggest bang for your buck—and then discounted them—so that more Product Managers can reach their full potential.

    Product Management Coaching ($600 per month value)

    Studies show that the return on investment in coaching is 700%*. Now, do the math and make the commitment to your growth and career. You’ll work with our highly experienced coaches during two half-hour coaching sessions every month. We work with you to build and then work through a plan for achieving excellence, and ensure you stay on track with your commitments.

    Online skills assessment and half-hour review of results ($295 value)

    This will help you identify the areas where you are strong and the areas that you need to brush up on. You’ll know exactly what to focus on and be able to build it into your plan working with your coach.

    Credit towards 280 Group Public Training Courses or Self-Study Course (up to $695 value)

    The wide range of 280 Group in-person or online public trainings we offer can help you grow your Product Management or Product Marketing skills. Take advantage of the credit and choose one that will take you to the next level. When training is combined with coaching, studies show that you are on track to be 400% more effective.

    Product Management Office Professional ($399 value)

    This collection of the 280 Group’s eight toolkits will make you dramatically more productive and allow you to deliver professional and effective results in far less time. With over 200 Product-Management-specific templates as well as on-demand training modules, you’ll have everything you need to create excellent documents. Whether it is a business case, market requirements document, launch plan, product roadmap, end of life plan or any other document, you’ll have a head start on delivering great work.

    The entire 280 Group Press book series ($75 value)

    You’ll also receive electronic copies of our seven best-selling Product Management books.

    *2009 International Coach Federation Client Study