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Product Marketing Rule #30: You Are Not Your Customer

Product Marketing Rule #30 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Marketing, was written by By Alyssa Dver, CEO, Mint Green Marketing If you can’t convey your product and its benefits to customers in two sentences or less, something is wrong. “Customer” can mean the buyer (person who signs the check for the purchase), the user (person(s) who actually use the product), and the influencers (people who have a say in whether the company buys it or not). You…[continue reading]

7 Deadly Sins Crossing the Chasm

Product Management and the 7 Deadly Sins When Crossing the Chasm

I just read an excellent article by Michael Eckhardt and the Chasm Institute about the biggest mistakes that companies make when trying to cross the Chasm. If you haven’t read Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, it’s a must-read. I won’t go into the theory behind it here (we teach it as part of the strategy section in our Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing course), but suffice it to say that it presents a time-tested strategy for getting revenues…[continue reading]

42 Rules of Product Management by Brian Lawley and Greg Cohen Book cover

Product Management Rule #30: Agility Is Key to Product Management Success

Product Management Rule #30 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Management, was written by Matthew Bookspan, Director of Product Management, Voxeo The two overarching elements for ensuring success are being flexible and having organizational agility. Many people in our field admit one thing openly: product management is a tough yet very fulfilling job. As a project manager, you serve many masters and have little authority. This can pose challenges, although there are ways to be successful with very little…[continue reading]

Beyond Lean Startup Using The Optimal Product Process To Scale

Beyond Lean Startup: Using the Optimal Product Process™ to Scale

Much has been written about using Lean methods to bring products to market. It has proven to be a very effective technique for getting ideas off of the ground. Whether it is using Lean Startup techniques to get a company or concept going or a Lean approach to developing innovative new products internally at a company, Lean has it merits. There are a variety of reasons for this. It’s been shown to work well with small teams that are able…[continue reading]

42 rules product marketing book cover

Product Marketing Rule #29: Sell More by Talking Less

Product Marketing Rule #29 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Marketing, was written by By Joe Pulizzi,  Junta42 Blog Founder, Content Marketing Institute To be a content marketer we must first realize that our customers don’t care about us, our products, or our services. They only care about themselves. Traditionally, to sell more product, we needed to talk about our products and services as much as possible. We needed to do more advertising. We needed to position the…[continue reading]