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42 rules product marketing book cover

Product Marketing Rule #34: Speak in the Customer’s Language

Product Marketing Rule #34 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Marketing, was written by Jeff Lash, Creator of the Q-and-A site “How To Be A Good Product Manager” The best product marketing connects with the customer by speaking in terms which they understand and which resonate with their needs. Have you ever told family members or friends that you work in marketing and get responses of chuckles and eye rolls? Have they followed up with jokes about “paradigm”…[continue reading]

42 Rules of Product Management by Brian Lawley and Greg Cohen Book cover

Product Management Rule #34: Differentiation Isn’t Enough, You Have to Be Better

Product Management Rule #34 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Management, was written by Paul Alexander Gray, Consultant, brainmates pty ltd Differentiation is not enough. Discover how effective product managers are winning by making their products “better.” In an environment of product proliferation and intense competition, product managers must do more than just differentiate. They must find ways to satisfy customer needs and wants in ways that are ‘better’ than competitive offerings. Consider the case of hotel accommodation—a market…[continue reading]

Product Manager's Dream Car Tesla P85D Model S

A Product Manager’s Dream Car: Tesla P85D Model S

As Product Managers we all share one thing in common – we LOVE and are passionate about great products. We all have examples of these – products that delighted us and completely blew away our expectations. Products that are so good that once we use them we can never look back and our lives and world view were changed forever. That’s how I felt in 1985 when I first used a Macintosh, and I was lucky to be able to…[continue reading]

7 Deadly Sins Crossing the Chasm

Webinar: Chasm Model 2.0 with the Optimal Product Process™

Virtually everyone in Marketing or Product Management is familiar with the best-selling book, Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore and the Chasm Institute (the newly-updated 2014-2015 “Crossing the Chasm” book has all new company examples from Salesforce, VMware, Google, Apple and many other leading companies). It presents an effective, pressure-tested strategy for getting traction with new products when they are brought to market. When combined with the phases in the ProdBOK and Optimal Product Process, the newly-updated Chasm Model 2.0…[continue reading]

42 rules product marketing book cover

Product Marketing Rule #33: Be the Customer Usage Expert

Product Marketing Rule #33 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Marketing, was written by Dave Kellogg, Technology Executive and Blogger, former CMO, Business Objects What will change your career is becoming the expert in how your customers use your product. There are plenty of people in your company’s engineering and product teams who are experts in how your products work. Over time, those people are typically seen as valuable resources for the company (as in, “No one knows…[continue reading]

10 Tips to a Rockin’ LinkedIn Product Management Profile

10 Tips to a Rockin’ LinkedIn Product Management Profile

Thinking about looking for a new job? Start by updating your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters and hiring managers typically look at your LinkedIn profile before they decide to reach out to you or respond to a resume you’ve submitted. So how do you get a rockin’ LinkedIn Product Management profile that makes them want to engage? Here are 10 tips from a recruiter (me) who looks at hundreds of profiles a day. 1. Your Headline is your future you. Most people…[continue reading]

Product Management Resume Action Words and Keywords

Product Management Resume Action Words and Keywords

When you submit your resume online, the chances are very high that it is going to be scanned electronically by software that is looking for keywords selected by the recruiter or hiring manager. Even if you’re the perfect candidate, without the keywords in your resume, the software will likely discard it. Be sure to scan the job posting for software and skills the job requires and include them in your resume. Power up your resume with action words that describe…[continue reading]