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Product Manager vs. Project Manager vs. Program Manager: Tackling the Differences
Product Manager vs Project Manager vs Program Manager: A Product Manager is ultimately responsible for making sure that her product is as successful as possible both short-term tactically and long-term strategically. A Project Manager is responsible for delivering a project ...
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Agile vs. Roadmaps — Ending the Battle [+Webinar]
Watch our on-demand webinar, Unlocking a More Strategic Product Roadmap using Agile, to learn more in-depth about taking your product roadmap to the next level using Agile. The ...
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Product Manager vs. Product Owner — You Asked, We Answered
Last month, we presented the webinar, The Product Manager vs. Product Owner Role – Siblings, Rivals, or the Same Person? You can view the accompanying blog post as ...
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How to Create Personas for Your Next Product — and Why It Matters
Marketing professionals will tell you that it’s impossible to promote a product or service if you don’t know who needs your product or why they need it. The ...
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The Power of Product Positioning and the “7 Ps” Marketing Mix
Do you remember the release of the PlayStation Classic, the 2018 replica of the original PlayStation video game console? If your answer is no, it’s because it didn’t ...
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Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Nicole Francis, Director of Product Management at Paycor
For our next installment of the Women in Product Management Series, I interviewed Nicole Francis, Director of Product Management at Paycor. View the full list of this blog ...
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Behind the Product: Kellogg’s Succeeds in Meat Alternative Market Thanks to its Data-Driven Agile Approach
In our “Behind the Product” series, we discuss examples of products or services that highlight a particular Product Management concept or principle. As Product Managers, we’re constantly watching ...
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A shade of green laid over an image of two ladies working across from each other, with some white text that says, "Optimize the PM and PO Relationship."
3 Tips for Optimizing the Product Manager and Product Owner Relationship [+Webinar]
Let’s Not Focus on the Eternal Question For product professionals, perhaps the most frequently debated issue – the one we can’t ever seem to escape is: Product Manager ...
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A focused view of white text that says, "Why Brand Managers Should Skill Up Now," that covers a smiling woman wearing white headphones.
8 Reasons Why Brand Managers Need Formal Product Marketing Training
Businesses exist to sell products and services, and their ability to do so depends largely on the strength of their brand. That’s why the Brand Manager is one ...
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White text that says "Product Managers at Finance Companies." while employees work together in the background.
3 Trends in Financial Services that Product Managers Must Tackle by Upskilling
Download the Brief: Industry Trends in Financial Services with Product Management Transformation. Digital transformation initiatives heated up in organizations across multiple industries during the pandemic — and the ...
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