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Competitive Matrix Feature Comparison Chart Free Template

Free Competitive Matrix Feature Comparison Chart

The competitive matrix feature comparison chart (Excel template file) allow you to create a competitive matrix chart for use inside or outside of your company. Read our previous post about the Top Ten Product Launch Mistakes. This template is included in the of the Product Launch Toolkit™. The Competitive Matrix Comparison Chart Is Included In Our Free Resources Download All Of Our Free Resources Here Instructions Insert your product’s category name at the top of the “Competitive Feature Matrix” sheet.…[continue reading]

42 Rules of Product Management by Brian Lawley and Greg Cohen Book cover

Product Management Rule #31: Tap Into Your Customers

Product Management Rule #31 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Management, was written by Jen Berkley, Founder, The Insight Advantage Your customer’s perceptions are the only thing that matters when it comes to them plunking down money to buy your products When I was a product manager managing an entire product line, my instincts told me that our customers held insights that were important to constantly tap into in order to make the best decisions about product features, packaging,…[continue reading]

Feature Prioritization Matrix Want Need Must Have

Free Requirements Prioritization Matrix and Roadmap Templates

The feature prioritization matrix (Excel file) and roadmap templates allow you to capture and prioritize feature requests and build out an effective and well-thought out product roadmap. Read our previous post about creating product roadmaps: How to Create Compelling Product Roadmaps | Tips and Best Practices for Success. These files are also part of the 280 Group Product Roadmap Toolkit™. The Feature Prioritization Matrix Is Included In Our Free Resources Download All Of Our Free Resources Here Instructions The Feature…[continue reading]

42 rules product marketing book cover

Product Marketing Rule #30: You Are Not Your Customer

Product Marketing Rule #30 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Marketing, was written by By Alyssa Dver, CEO, Mint Green Marketing If you can’t convey your product and its benefits to customers in two sentences or less, something is wrong. “Customer” can mean the buyer (person who signs the check for the purchase), the user (person(s) who actually use the product), and the influencers (people who have a say in whether the company buys it or not). You…[continue reading]

7 Deadly Sins Crossing the Chasm

Product Management and the 7 Deadly Sins When Crossing the Chasm

I just read an excellent article by Michael Eckhardt and the Chasm Institute about the biggest mistakes that companies make when trying to cross the Chasm. If you haven’t read Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, it’s a must-read. I won’t go into the theory behind it here (we teach it as part of the strategy section in our Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing course), but suffice it to say that it presents a time-tested strategy for getting revenues…[continue reading]