280 Group Proudly Announces New & Innovative Digital Product Management Course

Based on real-world practice and success, the Digital Product Management Course provides the right knowledge, tools, and techniques to help Product Managers excel and innovate in today’s digital world.

280 Group today announced the availability of a new offering, its Digital Product Management (DPM) course. This comprehensive, hands-on training enables Product Managers to quickly and iteratively discover, design, deliver, and grow digital products with confidence, ensuring their customers are delighted and business goals are achieved. This course will be offered in two learning styles, live online and in-person.

New Approaches For A New Era of Digital Products

“Our industry has always been on the frontline of innovation. Digital products offer a new way to understand customer behaviors and drive valuable outcomes. Our mission is to empower Product Managers with the best tools and skills so they can seize the opportunity to deliver digital products that matter,” said Rina Vernovskaya, CEO of 280 Group. “This course has been designed for all Product Managers responsible for a digital product or service, including Product Managers new to digital products, experienced Product Managers who want to add more value to their product through digital technologies, and for IT professionals moving from past project-based approaches to a digital product mindset.”

It is not enough anymore for a Product Manager to deliver a great product and think, “okay, I’m done.” Customers now expect ongoing improvements and new features for months, even years after their initial purchase. Delivering this value requires a new approach to Product Management for digital products. “We have synthesized a new course that provides a unique combination of tools, processes, and skills critical to the success of leading a digital product,” said Pamela Schure, Director of Products and Services. “We’re not using just one methodology, but bringing together a variety of techniques that we know from experience work to guide the right investigations, thinking, generation, and evolution of great digital products that can keep pace with ever-rising customer expectations.”

The Student Perspective

“Digital Product Management is here to stay. There’s very little training or resources available to Digital Product Managers. This training was a wonderful foundation to help grow our digital development,” said Brandon Maciej, VP of Portfolio Management at Optum, and an early participant in our Digital Product Management course.

Experience Matters

Whether taken live online or in-person, students will benefit from the experience of a seasoned Product Management expert that is the hallmark of all 280 Group training. Every 280 Group instructor has 20+ years of experience as a Product Manager or a Product Management leader. More importantly, each instructor cares deeply for their craft and aims to empower each student in learning what they need to know to succeed.

In either format, the course keeps a vital mix of best practices instruction, team exercises, and group discussion. Students have an experience that is learner-centric and incredibly hands-on so that they learn the material and are immediately prepared to apply their new skills on their own products.

A New Standard in Certification

In concert with this announcement, the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) is also announcing a new, independent certification, the Certified Digital Product Manager™, that product professionals can achieve after taking the 280 Group course. Passing this exam and achieving this certification demonstrates an interest in keeping up with the latest trends and techniques in Product Management, shows a commitment to developing the necessary Product Management skills for digital products, and demonstrates a passion for advancement in this challenging and rewarding career.

“As the global certifying body for Product Managers, we strive to support the profession as it is ever-evolving,” said Therese Padilla, President of the Association of International Product Marketing & Management. “Adding a certification that specifically addresses the complexities of managing products in the digital age is the next logical step. We are excited to partner with 280 Group, which has established itself as the leader in Product Management education with their strong commitment to further advancing the profession, supporting individuals’ career growth, and driving competitive advantage for organizations.”

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs – Individually or as a Team

Teams and individuals can sign up now for our public, live online courses, beginning August 17th. Our public courses are offered in a convenient 2-hour session format, for four days a week, over three weeks. Courses are offered at different times to fit your busy schedule and accommodate students in different time zones around the world.

280 Group has also developed this course in a dynamic classroom format, which it will offer at certain training locations when safety regulations allow. Rest assured, we have developed a classroom delivery approach that will take the right precautions to keep our training sessions clean and safe for all involved.

Are You Ready to Go Digital?

To learn more about this exciting new offering, and sign up for a public course session, visit our Online Digital Product Management course page.


Customization for Teams

280 Group prides itself on meeting a Product Management team’s specific needs. We can customize the Digital Product Management course making it the only comprehensive online training program that is the “right fit” for any enterprise, regardless of current Product Management team maturity, industry, or growth plans. To learn more about creating a custom private Digital Product Management course for your team, contact our solutions team.


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