280 Group Proudly Announces Online OPM

New online version of our flagship Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing course supports continued training and career advancement for Product Managers everywhere

280 Group announced today availability of a new offering, Online Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing (Online OPM). This live, online course takes our existing flagship 3-day in-person training and transforms it into an advanced, interactive online course that Product Managers can take from anywhere in the world.

Whether sheltered at home or participating from the office, Product Managers and Product Marketers can join Online OPM in twelve 2-hour sessions that allow them to learn critical product management and product marketing skills, while staying on top of their workload. The course is offered at convenient times around the world, and new cohorts will start every week beginning April 20th.

Live Online Instructor

Even though Online OPM is an online course, students will benefit from the experience of a seasoned Product Management expert that is the hallmark of all 280 Group training. The course keeps the vital mix of best practices instruction, hands-on learning, team exercises and group discussion, but offers it using multi-modal content and online tools that bring a new standard to online learning.

Interactive and hands-on

“We worked very hard to preserve the value that differentiates OPM from any other Product Management training on the market, yet enables it to provide an exciting new way to learn online,” said Rina Vernovskaya, CEO of 280 Group. “It starts with our expert trainers who each have at least 20 years of experience as Product Managers. They lead this online course leveraging the latest online communication and collaboration tools, creating interactive experiences that engage students in new ways. The new Online OPM course is delivered in a revolutionary online format that is learner-centric and incredibly hands-on so that individuals and companies who are now remote can continue to build and grow their Product Management skills no matter where they are.”

Get Certified

As you would expect, Online OPM still prepares you to take and pass the industry-standard Certified Product Manager (CPM) exam or Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM) exam, offered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM). Using this extraordinary time to become Certified demonstrates you are committed to the Product Management discipline and want to advance in your career.

A few words from AIPMM

“We at the AIPMM are excited to see the launch of Online OPM providing additional flexibility for those seeking the Certified Product Manager credential,” said Therese Padilla, President of the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. “280 Group consistently delivers superb cost-effective training and once again our valued partner is meeting the ever-changing needs of Product Managers by delivering live instruction, eliminating the time and travel expense involved with in-person training.”

As with our existing OPM offering, students receive access to our self-study Certified Product Manager Online (CPMO) course for one year, which includes one-year membership in AIPMM, and the opportunity to take the CPM exam.

Course Structure

Teams and individuals can sign up now for the new public courses that begin on April 20th. Courses will vary between a Monday/Wednesday/Friday format that can be completed in two weeks, or a Tuesday/Thursday format that can be completed in three weeks. Courses are also scheduled to accommodate students in different time zones around the world.

Customization for Teams

As with our in-person version of OPM, Online OPM can also be customized, making it the only comprehensive online training program that is the “right fit” for any enterprise, regardless of current Product Management team maturity, industry, or growth plans.

Online Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing


Custom Private Online Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing


6 Replies to “280 Group Proudly Announces Online OPM”

  • I am looking for a certification course in Product Management/ Product Owner. I am based out of India. I am not sure how to get started for this course. How can I take the advantage of various financing plans? What further steps do you want to recommend?

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for your interest! No, Online OPM prepares students for the Certified Product Manager exam, so it’s more like our Optimal Product Management course. We’re considering a live online version of the Agile Certified PM/PO course, and will take your request into account.


  • it will make more sense to teach the contents which make us prepared to take the Certified Product Marketing Manager CPMM exam as well so we student can pass two exams.

    • Hi Anas — thanks for your question. In fact, you’re right — this course WILL prepare you take either of the AIPMM certification exams. As part of your purchase, you do receive complimentary access to one of the exams, but you can purchase the other exam from AIPMM. If you’re interested in pursuing both, I recommend you take the complimentary CPMM exam, as the corresponding self-study materials will prepare you well for both exams.
      Let me know if you have further questions.

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