The 280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2016

Top Product Management Blog Posts

Here at the 280 Group we have been maintaining a Product Management blog for over a decade

Every year we produce articles that we hope our readers find interesting and useful. We felt that 2016 was likely the best year yet for our Product Management Blog so we would like to share with all of you the top 10 most visited posts of the year.

Let us know in the comments which was your favorite, we appreciate the feedback.

10. Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best

Tesla Agile Development
With Tesla Agile development redefining how car companies have to compete we’ll all benefit from better and safer cars.

9. Coping with Product Manager Burnout

Product Manager Burnout
We all know Product Management can be extremely stressful, here are some tips to help prevent and/or cope with Product Manager burnout.

8. 4 Solutions for Better Requirements Management

better requirements management
Better requirements management is an important step for any true product leader, here are 4 solutions that every product manager should know.

7. Free Competitive Matrix Feature Comparison Chart

Competitive Matrix Feature Comparison Chart Free Template
The competitive matrix feature comparison chart (Excel file) allow you to create a competitive matrix chart for use inside or outside of your company.

6. Agile is Not a Business Process

Agile not a business process
Agile has created confusion for Product Management, but remember that Agile is not a business process, only a development methodology.

5. Product Roadmap Prioritization: Weighted Scoring or the Kano Model?

Some of a Product Manager’s most important decisions are a part of product roadmap prioritization, how should you go about it?

4. Full Product Management Infographic

Full Product Management Infographic
This infographic focuses on PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PROFIT; serving as a compilation of our three previous Product Management infographics.

3. Product Owner vs. Product Manager Exploration

If you work in an agile environment, you must have an understanding of the Product Owner vs. Product Manager roles and responsibilities.

2. 10 Revealing Interview Questions from PM Executives

Interview Questions from Product Management Executives

Straight from the source, interview questions from Product Management executives and the answers they want want to hear.

1. Comparing the Product Manager and the Product Owner Role

Comparing the Product Manager and the Product Owner Role
With Agile methodologies becoming so commonplace it is important to understand both the Product Manager & the Product Owner role and their responsibilities.

There you have it, our top Product Management blog posts of 2016. We sincerely hope you enjoyed these, and cheers to many more years of sharing great Product Management content.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.

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