280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2018

Our Product Management and Product Marketing blog has been sharing content and engaging readers for over a decade.

Every year we produce articles that support our readers in the key skills they need in their day to day job and in providing relevant topics and cases that affect their products. Here we discuss our top 10 most visited posts of 2018.

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10. [Video] The Importance of Product Positioning

The Importance of Product Positioning
Video interview with Senior Consultant/Trainer, Tom Evans, Product Management and Product Marketing expert. He explains why good product positioning is so critical for your product and your messaging.

9. Perfect Your Value Proposition – B2B Marketing Rules

Value Proposition Example
Most market failures don’t result from poor marketing tactics. They result from going to the market with a poor marketing message, i.e.: not Relevant, Differentiated, or Credible to the target market.

8. Product Requirements: Throw Out the Laundry List and Have Some Fun

Product Requirements - Throw Out the Laundry List and Have Some Fun
As you brainstorm your product requirements, keep in mind that more ideas are better and that having fun is an important part of the process. Now I challenge you to try.

7. Women in Product Management: Marie-Pierre Belanger, VP Digital Solutions Product Management at Pitney Bowes

Women In Product Management - Marie-Pierre Belanger
Marie manages a team of solution architects and Product Managers who are creating new ways to increase mail production efficiency through data, some machine learning and visual analytics.

6. “What Do You Do Again?” – Tips to Explain the Product Manager Role

Strategies Explain Product Manager Role
One of the common challenges with Product Management is that co-workers and other departments in your organization don’t know what a Product Manager does. They have either never worked with Product Management before, or have a misperception of what Product Managers do from another company.

5. Customer Journey Map – B2B Marketing Rules

The path of B2B buyers traverses multiple channels and stages: from the prospect’s first recognition of a need through their adoption and reordering (or referral) of your product. If you don’t know in what stage of the process the prospect is currently, you don’t know what to say that will be relevant and compelling.

4. [Video] 3 Secrets to Successful Product Management

3 Secrets to Successful Product Management
Brian Lawley, Founder of 280 Group, shares his video explaining the three crucial secrets to successful Product Management.

3. Writing Market Requirements Effectively

Writing Market Requirements Effectively
Many Product Managers struggle with writing market requirements that are effective in guiding their engineering teams to build the right solution. Whether you are writing requirements for Agile and delivering user stories for the product backlog or writing a more traditional market requirements document, there is one technique that I have found can be very effective.

2. 25 Metrics that Matter for Mobile Product Managers in 2018

Mobile Product Manager Metrics
Mobile product managers have a long list of metrics to pull from when determining the success of their products. Although it’s great to have options, the sheer volume of metrics to choose from can make selecting the right metrics for your product challenging.

1. Understanding Customer Needs: Problem vs. Solution Space

Understanding Customer Needs: Problem Solution vs. Space
“Well, we could…” I stopped myself quickly. I had fallen into the most common of traps. I had stopped paying attention to the customers’ needs and started working on a fix.

There you have it, our top Product Management blog posts of 2018. We sincerely hope you enjoyed these, and cheers to many more years of sharing great Product Management content. Drop in a suggested topic in the comments and it may be featured in our next blog!

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