The 280 Group is born…

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The 280 Group’s first blog post ever…

The 280 Group is born…

After five successful years in the marketing consulting business I’ve decided to give the business a new name and expand the services that we offer. Actually, the former company name (Lawley Enterprises) was only intended to be a placeholder when I launched the business, but things were so busy for the first few years that I never had a chance to look back.

About the name

Why the 280 Group name?

Well, it meets many of the criteria for a good name: short, memorable, story to tell around it, url was available, not trademarked, not too “cute”, conveys (at least somewhat) the essence of what we do (working with hot companies in Silicon Valley). Along with all of this, 280 provides one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the world, while being right next to the center of the high-tech action. From Buck’s to Sand Hill Road to Stanford to Crystal Springs to the San Jose skyline, there is nothing like it. Our hope is that our clients will feel the same way about the work we do for them.

Past to Present

Read our updated page about the 280 Group and learn how we have grown as a business since this first blog post.

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