3 Secrets to Successful Product Management

3 Secrets to Successful Product Management

Brian Lawley is the CEO and Founder of 280 Group and an author of 5 best-selling books including Product Management for Dummies.

In this video he is going to share with everyone the three secrets to successful Product Management. Without waiting any longer, let’s begin.

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The first secret we are going to talk about has to do with listening.

What Brian recommends, and tries to follow, is that you listen far more than you talk. This is admittedly hard to do but you’ll be amazed if you’re quiet and you just listen, how much you will pick up.

Make sure you become really good at listening, which is a skill. If you are not familiar with active listening techniques, learn those; we teach them in our People Skills for Product Managers and Product Marketers course and they are also brought up in Product Management for Dummies.

The more you listen, the more you’ll pick up subtle cues and you’ll be able to influence people and really get to solutions that are great for your customers.

The second secret is to be responsible for the whole product.

One of the big mistakes that Product Managers often make is they become what Brian calls “feature jockeys”. So they’re so focused on just features in the product and just working with engineers and what the next feature, the next little widget should be, that they lose sight of the fact that a product is far more than just the features. It’s the entire experience.

As a Product Manager, often times you don’t have full responsibility or the authority to influence everything about the product, but you can certainly try.

Here’s an example: you deliver the best product in the world, it has every features your customer wants, but for some reason the support, or the warranty, or the way the person buys the product doesn’t work for them.

Well it doesn’t matter how good your product was because their experience is the whole product. Be a whole product champion, you’re the only person in the company who can do that.

The third secret to success as a Product Manager is life-long learning.

Make sure you’re always upping your game. How are you increasing your skills, are you learning how to better be the voice of the customer, or how to launch products better, or end of life products better? Are you learning how to influence people, how to step up as a Product Leader?

Take a course like our Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing three day course, it’ll be a game changer. Become certified, read books, constantly be learning and always have something that you’re doing to push your own envelope. People who don’t learn don’t continue to grow and don’t continue to be successful.

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