3 Tests for Great Product Messaging

3 Tests for Great Product Messaging

In this new video and blog post we discuss something that is exceedingly important in the product world: messaging.

For this topic we have brought in one of 280 Group’s senior consultant and trainers, Bill Haines.

If you are a Product Manager and have developed some messaging, of course you would like to know if your product messaging is really going to be effective and resonate with your customers.

Fortunately Bill is here to provide us with three tests that we should consider when we evaluate our messaging.

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The first criterion when looking at your messaging is to determine whether your messages are relevant to the audience you are trying to speak to.

Is your messaging meaningful to the customer and relevant to either their work-life or personal-life, depending on the product?

Even testing your product messaging on a few friendly customers will go a long way to helping you determine if you’re really on the mark.


Is your product messaging different than the claims that competing products are making.

Both your product and the messaging for it needs to be clearly differentiated from the competition.


If your customers don’t believe that statements you’re making, then your product messaging will be rejected right away.

You need to have credibility in your messaging for it to stand a chance right off the bat.

Keeping your messages credible is key and can even serve as a differentiator because it is so common to see claims that are just so over the top that no one really believes them.

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