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Elevate Your Product Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

The Product Leadership Challenge Product Managers have a most distinct leadership challenge: standing at the hub of a multitude of departments and bringing together people with disparate goals and skills, you have all the responsibility for creating a successful whole product yet you have little formal authority to direct the actions of others. Therefore, successful product management requires highly effective leadership. When leadership is stripped of authority we discover the key element for being able to lead others comes down…[continue reading]

Product Manager Skills

Product Manager Skills: Maximizing Influence Through People Skills

Product Manager Skills: Isn’t Being the Expert Enough? You’re the expert in your product, your market, your customers and your competitors. Yet, despite your expertise you find yourself struggling with internal stakeholders about schedules, feature prioritization, design, pricing, messaging, or product strategy. While some of this struggle is natural – you work with smart, opinionated people who hold a piece of the puzzle, it is also incredibly frustrating. What was the point of all your product manager skills and effort…[continue reading]

Tesla's Engineering Culture

Is Tesla’s Engineering Culture Alienating Its Customers?

Recent Trouble Tesla Motors is receiving a lot of attention in the news these days for accidents and even a death related to its autopilot feature that released in beta last October. Tesla’s response to customers who have crashed their cars in autopilot has been measured, objective, and data focused. History has shown this may be the exact WRONG way to respond. In a July 6 Wall Street Journal article, Mike Spector, Jack Nicas, and Mike Ramsey reported on Arianna…[continue reading]

better requirements management

4 Solutions for Better Requirements Management

A senior product manager recently asked me how he could better manage all of the requirements customers and his colleagues were throwing at him. His product was sold through different channels to different customers and he had multiple sales teams to please. He was struggling to prioritize what was on his roadmap while being as agile as he could. This conversation stands out in my memory because he was able to very clearly articulate the challenge. Being a product leader…[continue reading]

Agile not a business process

Agile is Not a Business Process

Agile is a Development Practice, Product Management is a Business Practice Agile software development has transformed how we approach software product development, and has delivered some enormous benefits for efficiently delivering software products to the market. This has all been good, but in the process of improving our approaches to software development, Agile has created a lot of confusion for Product Management, resulting in some dangerous and damaging interpretations of what Product Management means. Where does the confusion come from?…[continue reading]


Don’t Let Your Product Fail While You’re Recruiting for a Product Manager

Recruiting for a Full-time Product Manager or Product Marketer? Here’s why you should hire a Product Management contractor in the meantime. We talk with companies all of the time that are hiring product managers or product marketers or are wondering whether they should hire a full-time employee versus bringing in a Product Management contractor. Because product management and product marketing are so critical to product success it’s important that you and your company don’t make the common mistake of “Hoping”…[continue reading]


Product Roadmap Prioritization: Weighted Scoring or the Kano Model?

Deciding which features end up on your roadmap (and which features don’t) is one of the most important decisions product managers face. There are several ways to go about it. In this article, I’d like to talk about two methods: weighted scoring and the Kano model. Prioritizing Your Product Roadmap: Two Methods The weighted scoring model is popular among product management professionals and there is a growing awareness of the Kano model. The weighted scoring model, while built on a…[continue reading]