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Don’t Let Your Product Fail While You’re Recruiting for a Product Manager

Recruiting for a Full-time Product Manager or Product Marketer? Here’s why you should hire a Product Management contractor in the meantime. We talk with companies all of the time that are hiring product managers or product marketers or are wondering whether they should hire a full-time employee versus bringing in a Product Management contractor. Because product management and product marketing are so critical to product success it’s important that you and your company don’t make the common mistake of “Hoping”…[continue reading]


Product Roadmap Prioritization: Weighted Scoring or the Kano Model?

Deciding which features end up on your roadmap (and which features don’t) is one of the most important decisions product managers face. There are several ways to go about it. In this article, I’d like to talk about two methods: weighted scoring and the Kano model. Prioritizing Your Product Roadmap: Two Methods The weighted scoring model is popular among product management professionals and there is a growing awareness of the Kano model. The weighted scoring model, while built on a…[continue reading]

Challenges in Product Management Podcast

Overcoming Challenges in Product Management Podcast

Brian Lawley Interviewed About Overcoming Challenges in Product Management. Brian Lawley, CEO and Founder of the 280 Group, was recently interviewed by Mike Fishbein of Alpha UX, for his This Is Product Management podcast series. The interview revolves around the most common challenges that Product Managers face today as well as how to solve them. Brian discusses the following as well as much more. Being more strategic as opposed to tactical; don’t be a product janitor. Transitioning and thriving in…[continue reading]

People Skills for Product Owners

Essential People Skills for Product Owners

People Skills for Product Owners vs. Product Managers Teach Product Owners people skills? This will be easy, I thought; and then after a frustrating few hours I realized that they were tackling the issue from a different perspective. I know that most product managers and product owners work closely with engineers and development groups. As part of that work, they need to be able to influence these teams. Then why do their approaches towards their teams need to be different?…[continue reading]

42 Rules Product Marketing Book Cover

Product Marketing Rule #42 These Are Our Rules. What Are Yours?

Product Marketing Rule #42 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Marketing, was written by Phil Burton, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group LLC We could have written 420 Rules of Product Marketing Management. Rules are a way to guide future behavior and decisions, to minimize risks and maximize returns; or at least improve the odds of success. Product marketing addresses a wide range of issues and challenges, as you can see by the range of topics and experiences…[continue reading]

42 Rules of Product Management by Brian Lawley and Greg Cohen Book cover

Product Management Rule #42: These Are Our Rules. What Are Yours?

Product Management Rule #42 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Management, was written by Greg Cohen, Senior Principal Consultant, 280 Group As we look to advance our products, we must be aware of the larger picture and environment in which we work. Rules are designed to prevent failure and, in particular, the repetition of failure. The majority of rules in the book emerged from the personal, observed, or near failures of each rule’s author in bringing a successful product…[continue reading]

Critical Importance of Product Management

Critical Importance of Product Management Video

The 280 Group Presents our Critical Importance of Product Management Video. Ever have trouble explaining your job? Many Product Managers have found it a little difficult to fully explain what they do and why it is important. Whether you are trying to inform your family, peers, or even your executives, this video will help you clarify what it is you actually do and the critical importance of Product Management. Some Key Topics Covered How to define and explain product management…[continue reading]