A Message on Coronavirus from 280 Group

We are living in an extraordinary time. “Shelter-in-Place” orders have been implemented for many businesses and individuals around the world. Although many are inconvenienced by these challenging times, we’re also thinking about those who are severely affected by this virus and the corresponding economic challenges it’s bringing. We hope everyone reading this is healthy and safe, and for those who aren’t, you are in our thoughts.

As members of 280 Group, we are also members of the larger communities in which we and our clients live. We switched over to a Work From Home policy ahead of the “Shelter-in-Place” orders that are now in effect in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are listening to the public health and safety recommendations and are observing social distancing in our daily lives to prevent or delay the spread of COVID-19.

Our Efforts

While this virus has certainly turned the world upside down, we are making every effort to address the needs and safety of our customers and community.

In-person trainings postponed

In light of recent public health guidance and developments regarding COVID-19, we have postponed our scheduled in-person trainings at all of our locations over the next few weeks. This is the right thing to do to protect the health and wellness of our attendees and local communities.

More online learning options

With many employees working from home, you and your product teams may be struggling to communicate effectively, and potentially feel isolated. It’s important to remember that helping you and your team continue to learn and grow in trying times is a proven way to increase morale.

As many of you know, we have been offering online learning options for a few years now. We are proud to offer a new learning option through our live online courses for Optimal Product Management and Digital Product Management. These courses allow for an immersive online learning experience and incorporate an active learning environment. These training courses will use various activities, peer-to-peer communication, and student-instructor interactions—all in real-time—to help keep you engaged and focused while learning from home.

Watch our Ask Me Anything sessions

We’ve hosted live interactive AMA discussions to help Product Managers rise to the occasion at a time of crisis. Our panelists discussed tools and resources, best practices, and strategies you can implement now to keep your team on track. Watch the on-demand recordings here:
Ask Me Anything: Being an Effective Product Manager in the time of COVID-19
Ask Me Anything: Are you ready for the “New Normal”? What Product Managers Need to Know

Resources for You

Please take a moment to consider that this is both an unprecedented time and that it is also just starting. Here are a few good resources that may be helpful for you and your families:

  • To help you and your team work from home more productively, check out this article from the BBC. Increased communication is crucial – for clarity and for morale.
  • The tips in this article to Protect Mental Health are important to follow to make your time at home more productive and less isolating.
  • If you’re missing your gym time, check out this article on How to Work Out at Home. Ignore the first couple of paragraphs that were written before the virus had spread much, and scroll down to the sound exercise advice.

We’d also like to share some tips that our own team has been practicing that may help you:

  • Meditate/Pray
  • Read a book/join a virtual book club
  • Make time in the day to go outside for walks to get fresh air
  • Use video calls with coworkers or friends to keep up social interaction. We’ve set up a daily video call at Noon so we can continue our tradition of socializing at lunchtime.

For a bit of comedic relief and best practices on avoiding the spread of the virus, watch this comedic PSA video on COVID-19:

We appreciate your graciousness, understanding, and flexibility as we all deal with these unique circumstances together. Please feel free to reach out to our team with any issues, concerns, or thoughts on what we can do to better serve you.

—The 280 Group Team

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