Alpha Product Management Survey Results

Alpha Product Management Survey

If you haven’t read it already, the Product Management Survey results from Alpha are well worth the read.

You can download a copy of the Product Management Survey here. It has some great insights about the state of Product Management so that you can compare yourself or your team to others.

Here are a few key facts we found useful:

  • 49% of Product Managers had graduate degrees. The type of degree is not broken out, but we assume that many of the Product Managers that took the survey have MBAs and/or have master’s degrees in the specific market area they work in (biotech, software/hardware engineering, etc.).
  • 75% who took the survey had less than 6 years of experience, and almost half (46%) had less than three years of experience. That means that almost half of Product Managers are pretty much brand new to the profession (assuming a good sample was used for the survey). Note: less than 2% of Product Managers have ever been trained in the core concepts of Product Management – if you are one of these check out 280 Group’s Optimal Product Management course and certification options.
  • Prior roles were highly varied – Business Analyst, Software Developer, Marketing, Operations, Account Management, Sales, Support, Designer, UX. This is very consistent with what 280 Group sees when we provide Product Management training and optimization for teams – with such varied backgrounds and skill sets there is a huge payoff in getting a standardized Product Management process in place and then training all of the Product Managers so that they all have a consistent and excellent skill set.
  • 76% were responsible for Roadmaps (check out the Product Roadmap toolkit if you want some templates and methodology for creating these). 71% of the Product Management Survey Respondents are responsible for writing user stories, highlighting the fact that many Product Managers are also Product Owners (70% according to the 280 Group Product Management Survey). If you are a Product Manager who also writes users stories and/or acts as a Product Owner then check out the 280 Group’s Agile Excellence Certification Course that you can take in person or the Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner online course.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out Alpha’s product you can view a demo here – it’s a pretty slick solution for Product Managers.

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