Agile Product Management

Brand Men: A History of Product Management
Brand Men & the History of Product Management
What started off as a memo in 1931 is now widely known as the earliest record of the “product manager” role of today. Every May 13, we celebrate the anniversary of this memo as Product Management Day. What is the ...
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How to Achieve a Successful Agile Transformation
Great news! You’ve decided to move to Agile product development. Before you pop open the Champagne, here’s the bad news: 47% of Agile transformations fail. An immutable cultural ...
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The Power of Agile Written over Many Question Marks
The Power of Agile — You Asked, We Answered
Last month, we presented the webinar, How Teams and Leaders Can Unleash the Power of Agile. You can view the accompanying blog post as a primer to learn ...
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Group of Employees Smiling in Background with "How to Adopt True Agile Values" Written as an Overlay
Why You Need to Shift Your Team from “Agil-ish” to Agile [+Webinar]
To learn more in-depth about how to adapt Agile values and become more effective at delighting your customers, watch our on-demand webinar, How Teams and Leaders Can Unleash ...
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Different Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains with Overlay of "Behind the Product" text
Behind the Product: Kellogg’s Succeeds in Meat Alternative Market Thanks to its Data-Driven Agile Approach
In our “Behind the Product” series, we discuss examples of products or services that highlight a particular Product Management concept or principle. As Product Managers, we’re constantly watching ...
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Agile Product Management Q&A graphic.
Agile Product Management – You Asked, We Answered
In August 2019, we presented a co-hosted webinar with AIPMM – Predictable Delivery: The Power of Estimating and Forecasting. You can view the slides and accompanying blog post ...
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An alarm clock and a small plant sit next to each other on a shelf. In front of the image rests the text, "Agile Planning: Deliver On Time, On Budget."
Predictable Delivery: Moving Beyond Velocity
Remind them it’s a good investment The executive team funds your product team. Delivering what you promised on time and on budget lets them know their investment is ...
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Product Backlog
Product Backlog Management – 10 Tips for Product Managers
What is Product Backlog? The Product Backlog is a prioritized set of requests for desired product functionality and contains all necessary items to complete the product release. The ...
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Understanding Scrum
Understanding Scrum
Let’s start with a birds-eye-view of understanding Scrum. We’ll define the main phases of a Scrum project framework and explore each of these in detail later. Watch Our ...
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Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps
How to Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps
Product Backlog Prioritization: 3 Easy Steps Using effective, time-tested techniques to prioritize product backlogs is an important step in getting a product to market rapidly that meets customer ...
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