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Product Manager Salary

Product Manager Salary Statistics

The Product Manager salary for a new hire in Silicon Valley is now higher than that of engineers. Looking to find out what a reasonable Product Manager Salary is? This article will give you some statistics about being a Product Manager and what to expect in terms of salary and other benefits. The importance of Product Managers is on the rise. According to CNN Moneywatch, Product Management is now the fourth most important profession in corporations, behind only CEOs, General…[continue reading]

Product Manager Certification

Product Manager Certification: What, Why, How

Advancing your career by earning a Product Manager Certification can be a highly-effective strategy. This article discusses the benefits of certification and what you can expect to gain by becoming certified. It also discusses the options that are available so that get you the most benefit for the time and money you invest. What is a Product Manager Certification? According to Merriam Webster, certification is defined as “official approval to do something professionally or legally.“ Extending this definition, we can…[continue reading]

Product Leadership

Elevate Your Product Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

The Product Leadership Challenge Product Managers have a most distinct leadership challenge: standing at the hub of a multitude of departments and bringing together people with disparate goals and skills, you have all the responsibility for creating a successful whole product yet you have little formal authority to direct the actions of others. Therefore, successful product management requires highly effective leadership. When leadership is stripped of authority we discover the key element for being able to lead others comes down…[continue reading]

Interview Questions from Product Management Executives

10 Revealing Interview Questions from Product Management Executives

What questions directors and VPs of Product Management are asking and what they want to hear. As Director of Recruiting for the 280 Group Recruiting service, candidates often ask me how best to prepare for their interviews. I do my best to infuse them with information about our client and the position, but I rarely know what type of questions they will encounter from the interviewing team. In an effort to support our candidates, and the Product Management community at…[continue reading]

Agile Product Manager and Product Owner

Why You Must Earn the Agile Product Manager and Product Owner Certification

Agile Product Manager and Product Owner Background Over the past decade the trend of engineering teams using Agile development methodologies has continued to increase. In our recent Challenges in Product Management Survey and report, 71.3% of companies are using either Agile or a combination of Agile and other methodologies to develop products. Many teams use Scrum, Lean, XP or Kanban techniques in order to take advantage of the time-to-market and other benefits that they provide over traditional waterfall or phase-gate…[continue reading]

First 90 days as a Product Manager

Your First 90 Days as a Product Manager

So you’ve landed your dream job and now you’re looking ahead at the first 90 days in your new role. What’s your game plan for making your mark and proving the company made the right hire? Will you rewrite the product messaging? Launch your product into new markets? Add a bunch of cool features? If you come in assuming that you know the answers and launch into action, you may just hit a pitfall in your new role. Michael D.…[continue reading]

How to land your dream job

How to Land Your Dream Job

As the Director of Recruiting at the 280 Group, and as a Career Coach, I’m often asked the question, “How do I get my dream job?” Surprisingly the dream job doesn’t usually take place on the beach, but does entail changing industries or a profession. We start off building our careers in a certain direction and can then wake up one day and realize we’re not really doing something that we’re passionate about. We may be great at it, but…[continue reading]