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Apply Lean Product Management
3 Ways to Apply Lean Product Management Right Away
280 Group CEO and Founder, Brian Lawley, is once again joined by the prominent author, consultant and trainer, Greg Cohen. Greg works for 280 Group and has authored best-selling books such as Agile Excellence for Product Managers, Lean Product Management, ...
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Lean Product Value Adding Steps
Lean Product Management – Improving the Productivity of Value Adding Steps
In the previous post, we discussed how to minimize wait times on the path from idea to MVP. In this final post on developing a lean mindset, we ...
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Lean Product Management Part II
Lean Product Management – Minimizing Wait Times
In the previous post on developing a Lean Mindset, we covered flow efficiency and how to apply the principle to get from idea to MVP (minimum viable product) ...
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Definition of Minimum Viable Product
Here we have Greg Cohen, author of Agile Excellence for Product Managers and Lean/Agile Product Management expert from the 280 Group staff. In this video we are going ...
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Developing a Lean Product Management Mindset
Developing a Lean Product Management Mindset – Part I
Lean Product Development: Lean Product Development means having a lean mindset throughout the entire product development process. In Lean Product Development, the goal is to achieve product-market fit ...
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What is Lean Product Management
Greg Cohen is the author or Agile Excellence for Product Managers, and a Lean Product Management expert, as well as a consultant/trainer for 280 Group. In this video ...
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MVP needs to be a product
Why an MVP Needs to Be a Product and Not Just a Test
Language is dynamic, and terms in product management are subject to the same forces. Meanings evolve, and this can lead to ambiguity. The MVP or minimum viable product ...
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The Myth of the Iron Triangle
Iron Triangle Definition: The Iron Triangle defines the relationship between scope, resources, and time. I was taught that you could not get more of one without more of ...
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Beyond Lean Startup The Optimal Product Process To Scale
Beyond Lean Startup: Using the Optimal Product Process™ to Scale
Much has been written about using Lean methods to bring products to market. It has proven to be a very effective technique for getting ideas off of the ...
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42 Rules of Product Management
Product Management Rule #9: The Two-Week Rule
Product Management Rule #9 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Management, was written by Marty Cagan, Author, Inspired Never go more than two weeks without putting ...
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