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Women in Product Management Diana

Women in Product Management: Diana Benli, VP Product Management at Cognizant

For our third installment of the Women in Product Management Series I interviewed Diana Benli, VP Government Programs Product Management at Cognizant in the TriZetto Healthcare Products Group. To read the entire series on Women in Product Management make sure to sign up for our newsletter. Imagine being the product manager for a product that is dependent on the ever-changing landscape of healthcare regulations and reform. What would your roadmap look like? That was just one of topics I discussed…[continue reading]

Secret to Great Product Management

The Secret to Great Product Management

For this video we are joined by Tom Evans, a Senior Consultant and Trainer with 280 Group who has over 25 years of Product Management experience and helped develop the Optimal Product Process framework. Our one question for Tom today is a simple one that requires a thoughtful answer: What is the secret to being a great Product Manager? Of course many people would have their own opinions about great Product Management, Tom breaks down his secret in to 3…[continue reading]

Women in Product Management Sarah Gaeta

Women in Product Management Series: Sarah Gaeta, VP and General Manager at Tivo

As a continuation on our series of interviews with women leading product management teams, I reached out to Sarah Gaeta, currently VP and General Manager in Software and Services at Tivo. I was curious to learn how an undergraduate degree in Italian and a teaching degree from Harvard led her to a career in Product Management. In this interview, Sarah shares her path, missteps and lessons, and offers advice for new Product Managers. Sarah’s basic philosophy is that everything happens…[continue reading]

3 Tests for Great Product Messaging

3 Tests for Great Product Messaging

In this new video and blog post we discuss something that is exceedingly important in the product world: messaging. For this topic we have brought in one of 280 Group’s senior consultant and trainers, Bill Haines. If you are a Product Manager and have developed some messaging, of course you would like to know if your product messaging is really going to be effective and resonate with your customers. Fortunately Bill is here to provide us with three tests that…[continue reading]

Salespeople need from product managers

Three Things Salespeople Need from Product Managers

The topic of this blog and video is three things that salespeople require from you, the Product Manager. To help us dive in to this issue, we interviewed Dave Dersh, an extremely successful and experienced salesperson who has applied his trade for Apple, Dell, and Sun Microsystems to name a few. Watch Now Dave starts by explaining that salespeople need a compelling message and value proposition. Features on their own are simply not enough, but instead, how do these features…[continue reading]

Tips for Product Managers to get Executive Support

Five Tips for Product Managers to Get Executive Support

If you are in Product Management, executive support for your plans can mean the difference between your product’s success and failure. Getting executives and management to support what you are proposing can be very challenging and difficult. What can a Product Manager do to increase the chances of getting what they ask for? This video and article cover five techniques for just that. Watch Now Five ways to get executive support: Be brief and hard-hitting. Nothing will kill your chances…[continue reading]

Who are Product Managers Infographic

Who are Product Managers? Infographic

  What do Product Managers do? Product managers can work on a myriad of items be it: Software Hardware Cloud Services Or even Professional Services Many people say that even within the products they work on, there are a number of different kinds of product managers. Customer-focused Engineer-focused Design-focused Business-focused   Where do Product Managers come from? The majority (84%*) come from North America; 72% of which are from the United States itself. Within the United States, there is a large…[continue reading]