Product Management

Accelerate Your PM Career Trajectory in 2022! [+Webinar]
Let’s learn from experts about how PMs can accelerate their careers with the right personal development plan. As salaries continue to rise and career paths continue to widen, it isn’t surprising that Product Management currently ranks third on Glassdoor’s list ...
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Professional Development Planning
The Power of PM Professional Development Planning [+Webinar]
Product leaders understand that training and development are an effective means for empowering employees. However, it is also paramount that product leaders mind the gap – the skills ...
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6 Product Management Trends to Track in 2022 [+Webinar]
As 2021 draws to a close, 280 Group is looking ahead at the coming year, and spotting key trends we feel will have the biggest impact on Product ...
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Introducing the Self-Study Version of 280 Group’s Digital Product Management Course
Launched in 2020, 280 Group’s Digital Product Management: Live Online course has gained acclaim among product leaders as a comprehensive course covering the critical skills needed to advance ...
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White text that says "Product Managers at Finance Companies." while employees work together in the background.
3 Trends in Financial Services that Product Managers Must Tackle by Upskilling
Download the Brief: Industry Trends in Financial Services with Product Management Transformation. Digital transformation initiatives heated up in organizations across multiple industries during the pandemic — and the ...
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White text covers two employees, faded in the background, that says "Drive Value for Customers and Your Business with Continuous Discovery."
How to Drive Value for Customers and Your Business with Continuous Discovery [+Webinar]
Watch our on-demand webinar, The What & Why of Continuous Discovery, to learn how to shift from a project mindset to a continuous mindset. What product or services ...
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Product Operations — You Asked, We Answered
This month, we presented the webinar, The Product Operations Powerhouse—and Why You Need it. You can view the accompanying blog post as a primer to learn about the ...
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A shade of blue and green cover an image of a man giving a lecture for his class with white text that says, "In-Person Product Management Training Updates."
New Updates to 280 Group In-Person Product Management Training Courses
View our Training Calendar to check out the next in-person course. What the Pandemic Has Taught Us about Teaching and Learning Over the past 18 months, the world ...
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A light blue-green layer shades an image of a team having a work meeting. White text is printed over the image which reads, "Product Managers at Insurance Companies."
8 Reasons Insurance Companies Must Up-Level Their Product Managers’ Skill Sets in 2021
Download the Brief: Insurance Trends and Their Implications for Product Management & IT. When it comes to adopting digital tools and technologies, it’s “full steam ahead” for businesses ...
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A group sits in chairs forming a circle. They discuss the contents of an infographic poster sitting on the ground. In front of the image rests the text, "The Product Operations Powerhouse."
The Power of Product Operations—and Why You Need it Now [+Webinar]
Watch our on-demand webinar, The Product Operations Powerhouse—and Why You Need it, to learn more in-depth about how to leverage the ProdOps practice. Today’s Reality Check Congratulations! Your ...
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