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Writing Market Requirements Effectively

Writing Market Requirements Effectively

Many Product Managers struggle with writing market requirements that are effective in guiding their engineering teams to build the right solution. Whether you are writing requirements for Agile and delivering user stories for the product backlog or writing a more traditional market requirements document, there is one technique that I have found can be very effective. Engineers Are Great at Solving Problems It’s what drives them. Coming up with the best possible solution to a problem and building something great…[continue reading]

How to hire the perfect product management contractor

How to Hire the Perfect Product Management Contractor – Webinar

We are announcing our next Product Management Webinar, don’t miss your chance to learn all about the value of adding a Product Management Contractor and the best ways to make the hiring process an efficient success. How to Hire the Perfect Product Management or Product Marketing Contractor Hosted by AIPMM, featuring Brian Lawley Friday, December 1st, 9 AM Pacific Time Are you ready to finally get the right person for the job, without the headache? You’ll learn step-by-step on how…[continue reading]

Product Manager Nightmares

Product Manager Nightmares and Horror Stories

Happy Halloween They may not have a catchy theme song like the Ghost Busters, but Product Managers are no strangers to scary situations. To celebrate the spookiest of holidays, Brian Lawley and Pamela Schure share a lighthearted recount of some memorable Product Manager nightmares and horror stories from their decades of experience. The Horrible Non-working Product I accepted a job working on an incredibly innovative new product and was very excited. What the executives and engineers claimed it could do…[continue reading]

Who are Product Managers Infographic

Who are Product Managers? Infographic

  What do Product Managers do? Product managers can work on a myriad of items be it: Software Hardware Cloud Services Or even Professional Services Many people say that even within the products they work on, there are a number of different kinds of product managers. Customer-focused Engineer-focused Design-focused Business-focused   Where do Product Managers come from? The majority (84%*) come from North America; 72% of which are from the United States itself. Within the United States, there is a large…[continue reading]

Product Management Consultant Greg

Featured Product Management Consultant: Greg Cohen

Every few months or so, we will bring you a new interview with a featured 280 Group Consultant/Trainer who discusses a number of Product Management issues. Our second Featured Product Management Consultant is Greg Cohen, an Agile PM expert who discusses the most important skill a Product Manager can possess and the most common mistakes made in an Agile environment. The best product strategy and plan in the world isn’t going to succeed if you can’t collaborate with others to…[continue reading]

Featured Consultant Phil

Featured Product Management Consultant Interview: Phil Burton

Every few months or so, we will bring you a new interview with a featured 280 Group Consultant/Trainer who discusses a number of Product Management issues. Our first featured Product Management Consultant is Phil Burton, a seasoned PM veteran who talks about the most difficult parts of Product Management, his favorite training exercise and more. “Too few product managers actually get out in front of customers and discuss their needs, yet this process can lead to market and financial success.”…[continue reading]

Optimal Product Process Poster

Optimal Product Process Poster for Sale Now

After receiving many inquiries about them over the years, we at 280 Group are now officially selling Optimal Product Process (OPP) posters. Using a solid Product Management Framework is one of the most important things a good Product Manager can do. Implementing and referring to a proven Product Management framework will help keep a team all on the same page, prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks, and limit critical mistakes. Learn more about the importance of a Product Management…[continue reading]