Product Marketing

Product Manager vs Product Marketing Manager
Managing the Interrelated Roles and Responsibilities of Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers Product Management and Product Marketing Management are complementary roles. In some companies, different people occupy these roles. In others, the same person fills both. Regardless, both of ...
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The Latest

“On the Box Thinking” to Build a Better MVP
If you can’t clearly identify what will ultimately make your product sell BEFORE you build it, you won’t build what will sell. Before the Product MVP (Minimally Viable ...
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Citi Mobile App - Benefit Led Marketing
Back to Basics: Benefit-Led Messaging
“Today’s smart marketers don’t sell products; they sell benefit packages.” – Phillip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing The Perils of Feature-Led Messaging A few weeks ago I ...
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Sales and Marketing Partnership
Meet Your New Partner: The Sales Team – B2B Marketing Rules
In B2B, Sales is your #1 customer. No, no, no… Sales is not our customer! They constantly insist that all the deals we lose are due to features, ...
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PR is More Than A Press Release
PR Does Not Stand for “Press Release” – B2B Marketing Rules
Perhaps the most sought-after aspect of Public Relations is known as “Earned Media”, i.e. the coverage you get in various media without paying for it. This can be ...
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Value Proposition Example
Perfect Your Value Proposition – B2B Marketing Rules
Most market failures don’t result from poor marketing tactics. They result from going to the market with a poor marketing message, i.e.: not Relevant, Differentiated, or Credible to ...
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B2B Customer Journey Map
Customer Journey Map – B2B Marketing Rules
Land maps exist to record the actual terrain, not an idealized view of the terrain— the REAL terrain that you will have to traverse, like it or not. ...
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3 Tests for Great Product Messaging
3 Tests for Great Product Messaging
In this new video and blog post we discuss something that is exceedingly important in the product world: messaging. For this topic we have brought in one of ...
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ABM and How It Can Optimize Product Marketing
This is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset. How is ABM Different? Product marketers driving account-based marketing (ABM) programs operate with a different thought process when ...
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Using Return On Marketing Investment to Optimize Product Marketing
Return on Marketing Investment: ROMI can be defined in simplest terms as the revenue contribution attributable to marketing (net of marketing spend), divided by the marketing invested or ...
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