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Understanding Customer Needs: Problem Solution Space

Understanding Customer Needs: Problem vs. Solution Space

This is the first article in a three part series on navigating the Problem vs. Solution Space with a focus on understanding customer needs. Understanding Customer Needs “Well, we could…” I stopped myself quickly. I had fallen into the most common of traps. I had stopped paying attention to the customers’ needs and started working on a fix. Product Managers and the teams of developers they work with often tell me that Product Managers have problems writing good requirements. The…[continue reading]

Product Vision

Elements of a Compelling Product Vision Statement

Do I Really Need a Product Vision Statement? According to Les McKeown, CEO of Predicable Success, it is estimated that team members make between 20-200 micro-decisions a day that impact the success of a project. When you do the math on how many team members you have this leads to an astounding number of decisions that are being made daily around your product. A compelling product vision statement helps set the boundaries around how quickly and effectively those decisions can…[continue reading]

Tesla's Engineering Culture

Is Tesla’s Engineering Culture Alienating Its Customers?

Recent Trouble Tesla Motors is receiving a lot of attention in the news these days for accidents and even a death related to its autopilot feature that released in beta last October. Tesla’s response to customers who have crashed their cars in autopilot has been measured, objective, and data focused. History has shown this may be the exact WRONG way to respond. In a July 6 Wall Street Journal article, Mike Spector, Jack Nicas, and Mike Ramsey reported on Arianna…[continue reading]

Agile Release Planning businessman holding a pyramid

Agile Release Planning: Have a Goal or You Won’t Reach It

Agile Release Planning is Often Overlooked Most of the Scrum and Agile training I have experienced focuses on processes and sprint rhythm of scrum, as their focus is on the development/engineering role. The focus is on the process of sprint planning, backlog grooming, the definitions of ready and done, daily standups, retrospectives and having the most productive team. The focus is often not on the overall goal with the customer benefit and business impact. The team is mired in the…[continue reading]

42 Rules of Product Management by Brian Lawley and Greg Cohen Book cover

Product Management Rule #26: Align Your Product Strategy With The Company Strategy

Product Management Rule #26 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Management, was written by Mara Krieps, Founder, Pivotal PM Your product needs executive sponsorship to succeed. You gain executive sponsorship by showing how your product strategy supports the company strategy. The intrepid product manager who masters this rule will follow three steps: Understanding the Company Strategy Aligning Product Strategy with Company Strategy Telling the Strategy Story and Gaining Executive Support First, you need to understand the company strategy. Sometimes your…[continue reading]