Roles and Responsibilities

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Product Manager vs. Project Manager vs. Program Manager: Tackling the Differences
Product Manager vs Project Manager vs Program Manager: A Product Manager is ultimately responsible for making sure that her product is as successful as possible both short-term tactically and long-term strategically. A Project Manager is responsible for delivering a project ...
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Product Manager vs. Product Owner — You Asked, We Answered
Last month, we presented the webinar, The Product Manager vs. Product Owner Role – Siblings, Rivals, or the Same Person? You can view the accompanying blog post as ...
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3 Tips for Optimizing the Product Manager and Product Owner Relationship [+Webinar]
Let’s Not Focus on the Eternal Question For product professionals, perhaps the most frequently debated issue – the one we can’t ever seem to escape is: Product Manager ...
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Product Management Roles: Whose Job is it? [+Webinar]
Watch the webinar on-demand to get an in-depth discussion on clarifying roles and responsibilities: Demystifying the Roles and Responsibilities of Product Professionals. Product-Focused Teams You’ve decided that your ...
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Product Owner vs. Product Manager Exploration
Product Owner vs Product Manager: It is the job of the Product Owner to maximize the value of the product and the work being done by the development ...
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Product Owner Influence
What Everyone Should Know About Product Owner Influence
Product Owner influence is often more important than any formal authority. Product Managers often joke that they have all the responsibility but no authority. Therefore, successful Product Managers ...
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Comparing the Product Manager and the Product Owner Role
Comparing the Product Manager and the Product Owner Role
Understanding the Product Manager and the Product Owner Role With the wide scale adoption of Agile methods amongst software development teams, understanding the difference between the Product Manager ...
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42 Rules of Product Management
Product Management Rule #21: Define and Align Your Roles and Responsibilities
Product Management Rule #21 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Management, was written by Tom Evans, Principal Consultant, Lûcrum Marketing As there are many perspectives on the product ...
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