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Full Product Management Infographic

Full Product Management Infographic

The fourth and final installment in a series of Product Management infographics.

This infographic focuses on PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PROFIT; serving as a compilation of our three previous Product Management infographics.

Full Product Management Infographic


Our previous infographics covered PEOPLEPROCESS and PROFIT.  This is a combination of all three.

Data comes from our Challenges in Product Management Survey Results

The results contain data from over 850 Product Managers and Product Management team leaders about the biggest challenges faced in their organizations. The final report also includes recommendations for how to avoid the most common challenges faced.

Product Management Infographic: 70% of Product Managers are also acting as Product OwnersClick To Tweet

Product Management Infographic: 56% of PMs say they focus too much on development and QAClick To Tweet
On average, survey respondents believe profits would increase by 34% if Product Management was fully optimized.Click To Tweet


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