Gamification and Engaging Your User

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Gamification is a trend to watch.  It’s been showing up in more and more places.  The basic idea is to add game mechanics to non-game situations to drive motivation, engagement, awareness, and loyalty.  It’s been used in education and healthcare but is now going main stream.  

In the social/mobile space, Foursquare is a great example.  By frequenting your local Starbucks you can earn a trophy.  Visit more than anyone else, and you get rewarded with the title of mayor.

Rewards programs have jumped on this bandwagon too.  Warner Brothers insider rewards program incentivizes members to watch trailers, rate movies and take other actions. In return, you can redeem credits for DVDs, downloads, enter sweepstakes, and get exclusive news.

In the product space, WII Fit is an example of game play used to motivate working out.  The Ford Fusion dashboard incorporate a vine that grows or withers based on how fuel efficiently your driving is.  Ford has done away with emotionless numbers like MPG.  The driver has one goal, keep your vine healthy.

So watch out for product or programs featuring points, status, leader boards, challenges, competition, and prizes.  If you see these, you might be experiencing gamificiation.

Sound interesting? Then it’s time to sit down with your marketing and product development teams and see if gamification fits into your product or marketing plans?

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