1 Surefire Way to Get Sales Reps on Your Side

Get sales reps on your side

In this video, 280 Group CEO and Founder, Brian Lawley hosts Dave Dersh, one of the best sales reps Brian has ever worked with. Dave has been at places like Apple and Dell and Oracle and is here to share some wisdom about the relationship between Product Managers and Salespeople.

Brian has just one question for Dave:

If there was one thing that a Product Manager could do to get a salesperson on their side, what would that be?

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The one thing I think could help salespeople the most would be for Product Managers to be able translate their product or solution in to business value for the customer.

Business value from a customer perspective is as important if not more important that what your product can actually do. This is where customers look at different solutions and make a decision based on what’s important to them.

Does it lower their costs, does it help increase their revenues, and does it solve a unique business problem for that customer?

A lot of times as Product Managers we get so focused, we’re kind of myopic, we get focused on features and we’re in the weeds. Really get an understanding of when you’re proposing new features and putting new things in to the product, and when you’re letting the sales rep know what to sell, really tie that back in to whatever that customer’s definition of business value is.

From a customer perspective, they are spending their hard-earned money because they want to be able to solve a business problem. Your product might have all these great features, but if you’re not able to tie that back to how it helps them either save money, lower their costs, increase their revenue, or give them some new capability, then it really doesn’t have the same impact.

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