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In this video Brian Lawley, CEO and Founder of 280 Group, will talk with Tom Evans, a Senior Product Management Consultant and Trainer.

Today Tom will explain how as a Product Manager, you can really help Salespeople tell the story of your product.

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One of the challenges Tom sees when Salespeople try to learn about the products or learn to tell the story about the products, is that there’s too much focus on the features of the product.

So they go in with a list of all the features and capabilities that your product has, but what does that really mean for the customer?

Tom came up with a simple formula that he has found very effective in training his sales team to better talk about his product and really communicate the benefit, the value proposition of the product to potential customers in the marketplace.

The first step is to talk about the problem.

You want to build credibility with these prospects. Let them know that we understand the challenges that they are facing. That puts you in a position to create credibility with them and for them to be willing to listen to you, even carrying on a conversation in order to talk in more detail about the real problems they have within their organizations and industries.

Once you have had that conversation around the problems and gotten them to discuss it, the next thing you want to do is talk about the impact.

What is the impact of those problems to the organization? Many times they already know that impact but other times if you’re bringing in something new to the marketplace that they are not as familiar with, you’re going to have to guide them through and get them to validate and express the impact they have on that.

Get them to talk about it from a financial perspective or a customer satisfaction perspective or whatever it is that relates back to their challenge so that they express it in a way that they really start to feel the pain of the problem we just talked about.

Next is your opportunity to talk about your solution.

That’s not to say to get in to a detailed discussion of everything your product can do, but really focus on the most important aspects of your solution that tie back in to the problem.

This is something that is very high-level and will take a short period of time to explain how we can help you address and solve the problems that you have.

Once we’ve established the solution, we want to talk about the benefit.

Here is the benefit that we can deliver to you, here is our value proposition, and here is the return on investment that you can expect to receive when we help you implement our solution.

Finally to really solidify that credibility, you want to talk about an example.

You can present a case study of someone that is very similar to them and had a similar situation that used your product to help solve the same kind of problems.

With this kind of structure you really put the salespeople in a better position to create credibility and rapport with potential prospects in the marketplace.

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