How to Drive Value for Customers and Your Business with Continuous Discovery [+Webinar]

Watch our on-demand webinar, The What & Why of Continuous Discovery, to learn how to shift from a project mindset to a continuous mindset.

What product or services do your customers really want? Do you have a plan to improve them over time? Are you confident that your team is delivering value to your customers in a way that drives long-term revenue?

Answering these questions is an important step to take before embarking on any product or service development effort — and the basis for Continuous Discovery, a new approach to product development that aligns a team’s efforts with customer needs.

What is Continuous Discovery?

Continuous Discovery involves having weekly conversations with customers and conducting small research activities on an ongoing basis, in pursuit of a desired product outcome. The process of Continuous Discovery helps teams determine what’s desirable, viable, and feasible to develop, and increases a product’s chance of success — which is critical, considering 95% of more than 30,000 new product introductions fail each year.

Unfortunately, few product teams take time to go through the process and are blindsided when product launches don’t produce expected results. Teams are left feeling clueless about why a new product or service wasn’t successful, and may be doomed to repeat the same mistakes because they aren’t actively connecting with customers to understand what they really need or want. Continuous Discovery can help teams create products that customers love and also deliver business value.

Teresa Torres and the Art of Continuous Discovery

280 Group is hosting a webinar on July 14 at 10:00 a.m. PT, titled “The What and Why of Continuous Discovery.” During the webinar, Product Discovery Coach and author of Continuous Discovery Habits Teresa Torres will share how to apply the principles of Continuous Discovery to create value for customers.

An internationally acclaimed consultant and speaker, Teresa has coached hundreds of product and software engineering teams at companies of all sizes across industries to develop their discovery skills through the Product Talk Academy. In addition to authoring her book, which is available on Amazon, she is also the author of the renowned Product Talk blog. In her work as a coach, Teresa helps clients — including CarMax, Spotify, Tesco and others — gain valuable insights from customer interviews, run effective product experiments, and connect the dots between research activities and product decisions.

According to Teresa, co-creating with customers is essential to successful product development, because without their input, it’s impossible to understand what products will hit the mark. In Continuous Discovery, you begin with a clear outcome, interview customers to discover opportunities, test assumptions, and evaluate potential solutions. The process offers useful tools, such as an opportunity solution tree, to help you visualize your work and keep everyone in your team aligned to the overarching goals and objectives.

The principles of Continuous Discovery can be applied to the development of a wide range of products across industries — and even to an organization’s recruitment efforts.

Learn How to Use Continuous Discovery to Improve Outcomes

280 Group is honored to have Teresa share her knowledge and insights about Continuous Discovery during our upcoming live webinar. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How the product trio interacts with the larger product development team
  • How to use discovery methods such as customer interviewing, assumption testing, and A/B testing effectively
  • How to get the most value out of common discovery practice

Developing products — and making sure they continue to meet the needs of your target customers — is an ongoing, labor-intensive process. But the payoff is well worth it! By applying the principles of Continuous Discovery in a systematic and ongoing fashion, you can increase the likelihood of success, deliver greater value to customers, and eliminate costly guesswork.

On-Demand Webinar

Watch the webinar today to learn the basics of Continuous Discovery and how you can apply these useful principles to your next product development project.


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