Introducing the 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack

The 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack

Whether you’re new to product management or a seasoned veteran, all product professionals should work off a solid foundation.  Knowing the outcomes you’re working towards is the best foundation that product managers can work from, so how do you get yourself and your team aligned on the right outcomes from the start?

Say Hello to the 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack

The 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack provides product professionals with 3 free assets to help get product teams working together towards the right outcomes.  The pack includes 3 “Plays” (or guides) with examples and templates taken directly from the 280 Group Playbook, made to empower product managers.  The 3 plays included in the Product Management Starter Pack are:

  • Outcome & Strategy – Guided Discussion
  • Positioning Statement
  • Stakeholder Alignment

Let’s dive into each Play included in this Pack to see how they help product managers.

Todd Blaquiere teaching product management with 280 Group.

01 Outcome & Strategy – Guided Discussion

Outcome & Strategy – Guided discussion is literally Play 1 from the 280 Group Playbook.  The purpose of this first play is to make sure that product managers and product leaders are in alignment, specifically working towards outcomes.  The play focuses on making sure that product outcomes align with overall business outcomes and that everyone on the product team is aware of both.  In essence, Play 1 gets everyone in the proverbial product boat rowing in the same direction with a clear sense of where they’re headed.

03 Positioning Statement

The next Play included in the 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack is the 3rd Play from the overall 280 Group Playbook: Positioning Statement.  The purpose of this Play is to help product managers and leaders successfully create a positioning statement that demonstrates a unique value proposition for your product compared to competing products on the market.  It’s a crucial, early step, to ensure product teams are creating products that will drive towards the desired outcomes.

04 Stakeholder Alignment

The 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack concludes with the 4th Play from the 280 Group Playbook: Stakeholder Alignment.  As Product Managers act as the center hub of the proverbial product wheel, it’s important to know what (or who) all the spokes of the wheel are and how they relate to making sure the wheel spins smoothly.  In this play, you start by listing all involved Stakeholders and then you chart their level of engagement to ensure they are given the proper amount of involvement with a given product.  This is a key step to making sure that everyone is not only informed, but (yet again), moving forward as team towards the same outcomes.

Get the 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack

Stop wasting time on projects that don’t matter and get focused on building products that impact results.  You can shift yourself and your team towards Outcome-based Product Management now, for free, with the 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack.  Ready to get started?

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