Issues Faced at the End of the Product Lifecycle

End of the product lifecycle

280 Group’s Director of Products and Services, Pamela Schure is here to talk with Consultant and Trainer JF Ouellette about the end of the Product Lifecycle.

Specifically, Pamela and JF will discuss a few issues that are faced when a Product Manager has to End of Life a product.

End of Life is a stage of the Product Lifecycle that is not very exciting and often times does not get the attention it deserves but is important nonetheless.

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The first challenge that needs to be addressed is to decide what exactly the products that need to be eliminated are.

This is a difficult decision and JF likens it to an old western movie in which a horse sustains a broken leg and needs to be put down.

Nobody wanted to be the one to take that action but it was for the best, and you can think of your products like that poor horse.

As morbid as that sounds, it’s of course just the first step. Once you have decided which product or products you want to eliminate, you then need to decide how you are going to do it.

How are you going to convince the organization that it needs to be done?

This can be a hard conversation for a variety of reasons. For example it can be very difficult to convince Sales to stop selling certain products.

Furthermore consider Management who may be questioning if this End of Life means that there will be a loss of sales and profits.

Despite the challenges, there are ways to get this done more efficiently.

Pam offers that in her experience, she has found it easy to investigate different corners of the organization and find out everybody’s issues all at once, and then be able to close it down neatly and cleanly across the entire organization.

JF agrees and suggests that what you’ll find by doing this kind of work is that a lot of people in the organization will support you in the whole process of eliminating products because they all want to move ahead and start working on new and future products. There is more agreement here, as new products is the exciting portion that Product Managers and the rest of the organization tends to really like.

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