Why You Need a Product Management Coach

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Who needs a coach?

My opinion is that everyone does

I personally have two, one for business and one for personal areas in my life.

But don’t take my word for it. Look at the studies and the facts.

Take Tiger Woods, for example. Tiger is arguably the world’s best golfer. Yet he has a coach. Why would someone who is the world’s best have a coach, yet the rest of us not have coaches for critical parts of our life like our Product Management careers?

Tiger has a coach because he needs someone that can give him external perspective. He needs someone to hold him accountable to what he commits to. And he needs someone to check his ego and his mechanics.

As a product manager or leader of product managers you need a coach too

Need more proof? Studies show that training provides an 18% gain in productivity. Yet training COMBINED with coaching results in an 88% gain in productivity. That is a 400% increase in effectiveness! And the 700% ROI for coaching makes it a great investment in yourself and your career.

Product Management Coaching ROI


A good coach is someone who has been there and done what you want to achieve

At the 280 Group, our consultants and trainers are all coaches, and we offer an intensive program that includes a skills assessment, building your career plan and working with you consistently on areas that you find challenging. Coaches meet with you via the phone every ten days to keep your commitments on track (studies show that psychologically humans tend to fall off on their commitments around ten days). And you get to work on exactly what will be most beneficial to you.

So what exactly are the benefits of working with a 280 Group coach?

  • Accelerate your career and be more effective
  • Help avoid career-ending mistakes
  • Leverage the experience of someone who has been highly successful in Product Management

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