Overcoming Challenges in Product Management Podcast


Brian Lawley Interviewed About Overcoming Challenges in Product Management.

Brian Lawley, CEO and Founder of 280 Group, was recently interviewed by Mike Fishbein of Alpha UX, for his This Is Product Management podcast series.

The interview revolves around the most common challenges that Product Managers face today as well as how to solve them.

Brian discusses the following as well as much more.

  • Being more strategic as opposed to tactical; don’t be a product janitor.
  • Transitioning and thriving in an Agile world.
  • Leading without formal authority.
  • Recommendations for overcoming challenges in product management.
  • The skills that product managers need to develop to be prepared for the future.

You Can Listen to the Whole Challenges in Product Management Podcast Here

Data comes from our Challenges in Product Management Survey Results

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The results contain data from over 850 Product Managers and Product Management team leaders about the biggest challenges faced in their organizations. The final report also includes recommendations for how to avoid the most common challenges faced.


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