Product Management Jobs: Quick Starter Guide

The Coronavirus pandemic has left many in the product management community without a job as their companies reacted to the drastic market impact. But there are companies who are hiring!

So, what is your plan for your next strategic role?

I have posted several blog articles over the last few years on job search related topics. I encourage you to read through these to refresh your memory on how to get started.

Job Search Resources

  1. 10 Tips to a Rockin’ LinkedIn Product Management Profile
  2. How to Land Your Dream Job
  3. Making Your Job Search a SNAP
  4. 10 Revealing Interview Questions from Product Management Executives

Product Management Resources

We at 280 Group are doing everything we can to help our product management community get through these challenging times. We’re hosting Ask Me Anything events to provide you with as much product help as possible and offering steep discounts on our Online Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing Course so you can use this downtime to get certified by AIPMM. If you’re already an AIPMM member, take advantage of their great resume review and job board.

You can also check out the full-time positions that 280 Group is regularly sourcing for our clients. If you feel you are a good fit, send your email to

Keep positive. Keep learning. Keep healthy. #WeGotThis

Download the Product Management Career Planning Template


Ever wonder why some Product Managers seem to just advance faster than others? It’s not that they’re smarter than you or work harder than you. It’s because they have a plan. Our Product Management Career Planning Template will help you think through what you really want out of your career and identify the steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

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