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In terms of Product Management Productivity, there is one trick that I have used that has saved a lot of time. Hire a transcription service! Transcription is an inexpensive and VERY useful service that can free up your valuable time. Note, email us if you want the name of an excellent transription service that is very affordable.

There are many times that it makes a lot of sense to change audio into leveragable selling tools as well as other uses. And in Product Management I have found it to be a way to save a lot of time.

Here are a few examples of how you can leverage transcripton:

  • Record yourself doing a demo or presentation. Have it transcribed and turn it into a selling tool to provide to your sales rep (demo script or presentation notes). This will take FAR less time than writing these sales tools from scratch.
  • Next time you meet with a customer, record the conversation rather than taking notes. This will allow you to FULLY focus on the customer’s needs, environment and what they are saying, and you can go back later and read through the note
  • With a good transcription you can provide your stakeholders (sales, engineering, management, support, etc.) with direct quotes from the customer (which is ALWAYS more powerful than you simply talking about it anectdotally).
  • When you meet with customers, sales reps or anyone else where there is a Q&A, record the questions and then use that to create a FAQ document.

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