Product Management Rated #4 Most Important Corporate Job

how to hire the perfect product management contractor

Product Management is gaining importance in the corporate world. According to an article on CBS News  about the 10 most valuable corporate jobs it is now #4, with only CEO’s, Senior Execs and General Managers ranked as more important.

Here is an excerpt:

4. Product manager. I know a lot of you think engineers are responsible for inventing great products that beat the competition. They’re not. As venture capitalist and former Intel exec Bill Davidow wrote in his seminal book “Marketing High Technology,” “Marketing must invent complete products and drive them to commanding positions in defensible market segments.” Product marketers rarely get the credit they deserve. 

After many years of companies not understanding or valuing product management as a critical function it is nice to see it gaining recognition. We at the 280 Group have experienced this trend recently as major companies have been coming to us to help them dramatically increase the effectiveness of the product management groups through our consulting, assessments and training.

We encourage you to forward this information inside of your company and also to share the Product Management Manifesto!


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