Product Management Rated in Top 50 Best Jobs

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Product Management as a profession is gaining more and more respect. According to Money magazine, a product management director position is ranked #15 and is product manager and product management director are listed on their chart.

As companies continue to recognize the need for great product management, those of us who have chosen it for our career path will continue to benefit. And as the 280 Group continues to help companies build world-class product management organizations through our assessments and training, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest trends. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter (and download our complete collection of white papers, free templates and other resources.)

Product Management Top 50 Job

2 Replies to “Product Management Rated in Top 50 Best Jobs”

  • I went to forward this to my Director of Product Management to remind him what a great job he and found that the list you are referencing is from 2010. The 2012 comparable list doesn’t include Product Management at all! I still think it’s a great field but apparently we’re slipping 🙂 .

  • It’s interesting that you repeatedly ask people who download your materials to follow you, and yet the web site header with the Blog RSS and links to twitter and Facebook is completely non-functional (including the search bar).

    The content on the blog is interesting enough that I’d like to add it to my RSS reader, but I can’t access the RSS XML.

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