Product Management Skills – Benchmark Report

Get the results from the largest study on Product Management skills to date. GET THE REPORT

In late 2018, 280 Group conducted its most ambitious and comprehensive survey to date to learn more about the skill levels of Product Managers across the globe.


This survey set out to better understand the skill levels of Product Managers across 15 dimensions (called skill sets) and how they correlate to experience, job title, training, product process, industry, region, and other factors.


See what it takes for PMs to advance in their careers, and how PM leaders can transform their teams to grow their skills faster.

Top PM Skills

Understand the 15 skill sets and where Product Managers say they are strongest and weakest

Growth Paths

Learn how experienced Product Managers set themselves apart and how you can close the gap

Keys to Success

Learn what sets apart highly-skilled teams and how PM leaders can enable this growth at your company


The study identified individual skills that were particularly weak or strong.

Training + Process: ⬆ 16%-44%

Product Managers with formal training and process were the most effective across all skill sets

Strongest Skills: ⬆ 13%-21%

Customer Understanding and Domain Knowledge were among the strongest skills for Product Managers

No Process: ⬇ 11%-31%

Product Managers lacking formal process showed weaker skill sets across the board

Weakest Skills: ⬇ 15%-24%

Pricing and Competitive Analysis came in amongst the weakest for Product Managers

Get the results from the largest study on Product Management skills to date.

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If you’ve taken the skills assessment, this information will be helpful in taking a closer look at how your skills compare to those across the dimensions of analysis.

If you haven’t taken the assessment, you can take it here. Taking this survey will help assess how you measure up and what steps you can take to further advance in your Product Management career.

Thank you to these organizations for supporting our study

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