Product Management Training in 2020: How to Decide

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As Product Managers (PMs) and Product Marketers (PMMs), you want to know that you’re doing meaningful work and are creating products that impact consumers’ lives, in a very real way. But when 70-95% of products fail, what can you do to beat the odds? Even the most experienced PMs and PMMs have been bested by the market.

280 Group’s Product Management Skills – Benchmark Report evaluated how training and a formal product process helps improve core skill sets to ultimately advance a PM’s career. According to the data, training is key. So, if you’re set on choosing a product management course, you’ve likely made the right choice.

Learning to Build Products That Matter

We are passionate about empowering PMs and PMMs to make better products, deliver meaningful results, and ultimately advance in their careers. Our Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing (OPM) course will help you do just that.

The training covers the entire Product Lifecycle and all the core skills required to manage products effectively. It teaches the flexible and comprehensive Optimal Product Process™. Each phase of the process and the tasks for both Product Management and Product Marketing are covered in-depth. The course will teach you how to manage any product at any stage in the Product Lifecycle. You’ll get clarification on roles and responsibilities and help to get PMs speaking the same language. For folks who are new to the Product Management role, the course will provide the complete picture of what to do, and when. Even Product Managers with over 20 years of experience have learned new techniques and revitalized their skills with this course.

Topics covered

  • Optimal Product Process (OPP) seven-phase framework covering the full Product Lifecycle. OPP has been designed to provide structure, but encourages discovery, experimentation, and iteration. Completely compatible with the Agile development methodology by bridging the need for long-term roadmap development with the need for short-term flexibility in planning.
  • Product Management core concepts including key skills, strategies, tactics, and terminology needed to manage any product at any phase of the Product Lifecycle
  • All information necessary to pass the Product Management Certification exam


All training options listed here will prepare you to take and pass the industry-standard Certified Product Manager™ (CPM) exam or Certified Product Marketing Manager™ (CPMM) exam, offered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM). Becoming Certified demonstrates you are committed to the product management discipline, express the dedication to advance in your career, and shows hiring managers you are going beyond just on-the-job work experience to improve your skills.

Your choice

280 Group offers several options derived from the flagship product management training. How do you sift through the different options? What’s the best fit for YOU? Start by asking yourself some important questions…

What’s Your Learning Style?

We all learn in different ways. At first, you may think it’s obvious to compare the difference between online and in-person training simply by ”computer” versus “classroom.” But each option offers its own mix that can either benefit or hinder you, depending on your learning style. PMs and PMMs must choose a training based on their personal preferences and the learning style that best meets their needs to help ensure a successful experience.

Do you learn best on your own?

Go for an online course. A significant advantage of an online course is the ability to learn and study at your own pace. This can be done in tandem with staying on top of your professional workload. According to a study by State of Learning & Development, employees are able to spend 40-60% less time on learning when using a course online. This means time saved, while still actively retaining the new information needed.

Do you prefer to learn online, but find it hard to stay on track?

Choose a training with a mix of online and live virtual interaction. Some may feel online courses are a bit isolating but still need the flexibility to learn remotely. Select an option that allows for an immersive online learning experience and incorporates an active learning environment. These types of online courses will use various activities, peer-to-peer communication, and student-instructor interactions—all in real-time—to help keep you engaged and focused.

Do you learn best with face-to-face interaction?

Pick an “active” in-person training. A study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that students learned more when taking part in physical classrooms that employed active-learning strategies. Active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think deeply about what they are doing. In this learning style, you’ll benefit from face-to-face interaction with both your peers and the instructor each day. These trainings should provide for various learning activities like hands-on exercises and group work to maximize your understanding and retention. Student learning is enhanced because you (ideally) have adequate opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback instantly.

Now, choose the option that best fits your learning style.

Option #1: Product Management Training Online

Certified Product Manager – Online Course & Exam (CPM) or Certified Product Marketing Manager – Online Course & Exam (CPMM)

These online courses favor independent learning styles. Students are expected to be self-directed in achieving their academic goals while balancing other responsibilities, like their day-to-day work. 280 Group’s online courses include self-paced modules with voice-overs, charts and dynamic visuals, and interactive exercises to serve both auditory and visual learners. CPM has been listed as one of the best product management courses in several articles. They also allow you the flexibility to choose the time and place to learn that is most convenient for you.

Get a glimpse of the course:

Course Format: Self-paced learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, and practice exams
Time Commitment: 15 – 20 Hours – Average time to complete the online course, exercises, and study for the exam
Pros: No travel or days off work, study from anywhere in the world, study any time of day. Complete the course as quickly or slowly as you like.
Cons: No face-to-face interaction, cannot ask specific questions in real-time
Cost: $1,495.00 USD


Option #2: Product Management Training Online Virtually with Live Instructor

Optimal Product Management: Live Online

If you learn best with a live instructor, but can’t travel or don’t want an in-person experience, this training option provides the opportunity for students to learn online with an experienced instructor and peers, virtually. The course keeps the vital mix of best practices instruction, hands-on learning, team exercises and group discussion, but offers it using multi-modal content and online tools that bring a new standard to online learning.

Product Management for Dummies, co-authored by the founder of 280 Group, is used as the textbook and reference for the course.

Get a glimpse of the course:

Course Format: Short lectures, team discussions, and hands-on exercises in a virtual environment
Time Commitment: Online Training – twelve 2-hour modules offered on different schedules to suit your schedule, Homework – 15-30 minutes per module
Pros: Learn remotely – no travel, virtual interaction with a live instructor, virtual interaction with your peers, ask questions in real-time
Cons: No “in-person” interaction, must adhere to scheduled learning times/dates
Cost: $2,995.00 USD


Option #3: Product Management Training In-Person

Optimal Product Management: In-Person

If the more traditional classroom-style works best for you, then choose this in-person training, where students gather to learn at a specific time and place. 280 Group limits these to small class sizes only—typically no more than 20 students per instructor—to receive the best learning experience possible. Here, students attend sessions with a mix of lecture, discussion, and intensive hands-on exercises, and are taught how to apply core PM skills to your current and future roles.

This style caters more specifically to students with collaborative learning styles, especially auditory and kinesthetic learners. It offers opportunities for face-to-face interaction with both the instructor and peer students inside the training room. When taking the training with other Product Managers from your own team or company, you can gain the additional benefit of working together on one of your own products for the exercises.

Course Format: Lectures, discussions, and intensive hands-on exercises
Time Commitment: 3 Days – 8 Hours Per Day
Locations Available: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto
Pros: Face-to-face interaction, active-learning setting, dedicated time for questions
Cons: Travel required, must take days off work, must adhere to scheduled learning times/dates
Cost: $2,995.00 USD



No Bad Choices

We know that training is key to helping you create more products that matter and deliver meaningful results for you, your customer, and your business. When you are empowered to do your job better and faster, with fewer mistakes, you’ll ultimately advance in your career that much quicker. 280 Group is committed to providing you with the best training options possible to help get you there. We have the widest array of options available to suit your learning style. Choose the one that works for you, and we’ll help you down the path to better success as a Product Manager or Marketer.

If you need help, or still have questions, feel free to get in touch. We are here to help!


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