Excellent Product Management – How to Transform Your Team [Infographic]

A business card-like vector with blue text that says "Excellent Product Management" at the top.

The Product Management Skills – Benchmark Report identifies 15 skill sets that individual Product Managers and entire Product Management teams need to be excellent.

We evaluated how training and a formal product process helps improve those skill sets and ultimately advances a Product Manager’s career. Turns out, training helps.

The Highlights

There is an 11% average increase in skill set levels with just training.

The implementation of a formal product process also contributes to the success of PMs and PM teams, improving skill sets by up to 31%.

The Takeaway

What happens when you bring training and process together? Transformational change; your organization can experience up to a 44% increase in Product Management skill sets.

Check out some of the highlights from the report in the infographic below.

If you’d like to read the full results, you can download them here.
infographic on product management transformation

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