Who are Product Managers? Infographic

Who are Product Managers Infographic

Who are Product Managers Infographic


What do Product Managers do?

Product managers can work on a myriad of items be it:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Cloud Services
  • Or even Professional Services

Many people say that even within the products they work on, there are a number of different kinds of product managers.

  • Customer-focused
  • Engineer-focused
  • Design-focused
  • Business-focused


Where do Product Managers come from?

The majority (84%*) come from North America; 72% of which are from the United States itself.

Within the United States, there is a large population of product managers in the state of California. In fact, 133 of the 1,300 product managers surveyed reside in the state of California. The next closest state was Texas, with 80.


How much do Product Managers earn?

The average product manager makes between $100,000 to $120,000 a year. In the United States, the average salary for a product manager is $117,000. *


How do Product Managers spend their time?

The main time allocations for product managers are the following:

  • Hiring
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Project Management & Execution
  • Research

According to a study by Nate Stewart from Percolate, the breakdown of time spent for each is as follows:

  • Hiring – 2% of the time, equating to about 1 hour a week.
  • Meetings –  28% of the time, equating to approximately 15 hours a week.
  • Presentations – 14% of the time, equating to around 7 hours a week.
  • Project Management & Execution – 24% of the time, which equates to about 12 hours a week.
  • Research – 32% of the time, which means that takes up approximately 16 hours each week.


Why become a product manager?

  • Become a “mini” CEO of a product.
  • Do different kinds of work in different fields all the time.
  • The product manager role is a well respected roll across companies.
  • It is a very satisfying job; especially once a product successfully rolls out.


What skills does it take to become a product manager?

  • Deal with ambiguous tasks and still manage to get things done.
  • Break down problems and present solutions.
  • Build relationships and communicate clearly with all teams.
  • Think like a customer, and solve their problems.
  • Stay curious and continue outside research.


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