Product Marketing Rule #42 These Are Our Rules. What Are Yours?

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Product Marketing Rule #42 from the best-selling book, 42 Rules of Product Marketing, was written by Phil Burton, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group LLC

We could have written 420 Rules of Product Marketing Management.

Rules are a way to guide future behavior and decisions, to minimize risks and maximize returns; or at least improve the odds of success.

Product marketing addresses a wide range of issues and challenges, as you can see by the range of topics and experiences in this book.

Reading these rules, several key themes emerged. One of them is the importance of past experience.

Experience and wisdom often comes at great cost, as we saw in Rule 26. We were struck by the number of rules that were based on earlier mistakes. So we can think of these rules as a way of our contributors saying, “Look, we made a mistake, but we learned from that experience, and so can you, the reader.”

The railroad industry has a General Code of Operating Rules that addresses the issues of accident prevention in an inherently dangerous environment. There is a saying in that industry that, “All these rules were written in blood,” which means they were learned the hard way, after a bad accident. It’s not quite so dramatic for most of us, but we and our companies might be more successful if we take these rules to heart and develop a good set of best practices.

But even if we address all the issues that stand between us and complete success today, how useful would that collection of rules be?

As this book is being written, we are all in the middle of a huge change wrought by social media. Many economies worldwide are either growing slowly or not at all. Without a doubt, the best practices have been changing and will continue to change. It’s not enough to observe these changes. You need to keep asking, “Why?”

So what are you going to do?

This closing rule is usually an invitation for you to consider your own rules. It almost goes without saying that you need to be on a lifelong quest for professional development, new rules, learning from your own experience and others’ experience.

Considering the range of issues, we feel that this book has just scratched the surface. We could have written 420 Rules of Product Marketing Management. As one example, a contributor commented that one topic alone, “Making the most of your marketing dollars,” could be a whole 42 Rules Book of its own. As a practicing professional, begin to develop your own set of rules.

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