Start Fast at a New Product Manager Job

New Product Manager Job

This video features Pamela Schure, the Director of Products and Services at 280 Group, and JF Oullette, a Product Management consultant and professor.

They are discussing how to quickly transition in to a new Product Manager job.

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So how do you get in to your new Product Manager job and become an expert with the organization you are working for as quickly as possible?

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JF has a few tips and the first is to establish your credibility within the organization.

This can be difficult to do quickly but the first step is to identify who the stakeholders are. This bit is fairly straightforward, going to see the people face-to-face, make a phone call, connect with these people.

Let them know that you are there because you are an unknown entity in the organization at that point. They may be looking at you and questioning what your value is to the organization so you want to contact and connect with people, making sure they understand what your role is.

Beyond your role, one of the first things you probably want to talk about is the market expertise you are bringing to the organization.

What are you going to present that they don’t know about. You are representing the customer in your new organization.

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