Two Questions Product Managers Should Ask Every Day

Product Management Questions

There are two simple questions Product Managers need to ask every day in order to be dramatically more effective.

By integrating the questions “Why?” and “So What?” in to their daily work, any product manager can improve their effectiveness.


Asking why is one of the most fundamental things you can do as a Product Manager. Beyond the first ask, you should get underneath the initial answer, dig deeper in to some motivations and meanings by asking why several times.

So What?

This is a question that Product Managers should ask about the information they receive, be it from market research or another source to give any data appropriate context. Furthermore Product Managers should ask themselves “So what?” as a self-check. Connect the dots with regard to whatever you are proposing, and the bottom line of the company; especially when you are speaking with executives.

Keep these simple questions in mind every day and you will grow as a product manager right away.

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