[Webinar] Special Report: How to Massively Optimize Product Management at Your Company

Webinar Special Report How To Massively Optimize Product Management At Your Company

A Multi-million Dollar Study About The Five Strategies You Must Use Now To Avoid Product And Career Failures

The result of hundreds of hours of research compiled from over 25 research studies, this special report contains extensive data and analysis that will tell you what to do in order to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the Product Management function at your company.

It will show you how to take your process, tools and team to the next level and set you up to make a huge impact in your company. And it will help you as a Manager, Director or Vice President to build a plan for getting your team to excellence so they deliver great results and dramatically move your career forward.

In this webinar we will cover:

– The Rise of Product Management
– Product Failure Rates
– Five Reasons for Product Failure
– Company & Career Costs of Failure
– Five Strategies for Getting to Product Management Excellence

The result of attending this webinar is that you’ll be on your way to better Product Management, resulting in:

– You & Your Team Being Leaders in the Company
– Delivering Products & Features That Customers Actually Want
– Gaining Instead of Losing Market Share
– Increasing Revenues and Profitability
– Strategic Thinking and Visionary Product Leaders Driving Your Efforts

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