Who inspired you as a Product Manager?

Writing Market Requirements Effectively

This week two of our Senior trainers, Phil Burton and Pam Schure, were delivering our course “How to be  Phenomenal Product Manager” (we deliver this in-person via public courses and privately both on-site and virtually). The course is based on my best-selling book, The Phenomenal Product Manager, and teaches techniques and strategies based on the best Product Managers that I have worked with in my career. We got some great feedback from attendees about their experiences.

Phil asked who inspired the students as Product Managers or to become Product Managers. The answers were pretty amazing, and we were inspired and energized as people talked about Product Managers who spent each day passionately talking with customers and engineers, creatively looking for great product ideas, and then refining them again and again.

Another person mentioned a Product Manager who went into upper management. He asked a lot of questions to get people’s feedback on what a possible solution was. He asked people to help them and – they did. Under his guidance, difficult customers became involved and engineers worked towards a common understanding of what made a difference to paying customers. The result was MUCH better products.

The lesson we took away was that when you look to create great products, focus on creativity, curiosity and passion.

Who has inspired you as a Product Manager? And why?

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.

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